how does your dog get preagnant on sims 2 pets PSP

by Guest362758  |  9 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I have two dogs and a dog house but I dont know what to do for my dogs to have puppies I have had it there for a while please answer PLEASE..........

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  1. Guest19839182
    Yes it's true you can have puppies... and an option will appear, it's the "offspring" option. When the two dogs have a good mod meter, a good relationship and when the dog male sniffs the dog female you can try the option offspring... :D I heard that the doggs may have the same breed, and you must have a dog create by you, and a dog adopted by you, because if you create two dogs (female and male) they can´t have puppies because it's like brother and sister. When they are happy and have a god mod meter you may go to town square (no dogs) for 6 hours... you know they need a little time for... hohwowhowoo xD.

  2. Guest19741854
    and with kittens?
  3. Guest17531422
    in sims2 pets no papies
  4. Guest17503742
    u do it doggy style
  5. Guest15626304
    yes u can u need 1 of each gender and a pet house
  6. Guest15334932
    I don't have a psp but do need to have a male with the female.
  7. Guest14091159
    a dog needs a dog house a great master and a strong relationship then click on them but first you have to make sure you leave them together until a heart apears above them then click on the female and click on try for a puppy they will then go into your dog house and hopefully have puppies. mostly they have just 3 but some times they can have almost 10. its a good game isn't it?
  8. Guest12277820
    you tell your master of the pets to try for puppies and if it works it makes the same sound for Sims baby's unless their the same s*x then you are screwed if your pets don't have a master then you need their level to go up to master hope it helps
  9. Guest10973536
    The dogs have to have a very strong relationship. Your sim also has to have a strong relationship with the dog. You have to have a dog house.Then click try for puppy or something.
  10. Guest10003678
    yes they can on the sims 2 pets psp
  11. Guest9970318
    Well i just did it, its easy if you have the cheat boolprop controlpets on, then you can tell you pets to be friends with eachother and then they have puppies and its easyer when you have the best dog house.
  12. Guest5478083
    You can make them pregnant!!! You have to click on one of the gogs and click Try For Puuppy.. The dogs and yourself and the dogs have to have a REALLY good bond though!! lol and you need a dog house of course! Happy to help!!!
  13. Guest1316825
    well, i'm sorry 2 say i've tried EVERYTHING to make my dogs pregnat on sims 2 pets psp, but everyone was a faliure, so you can't make them pregnat.

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