how does soap affect the viscosity of water

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how does soap affect the viscosity of water??? i need to knwo because i am doing a science project on it and i cant find the answer im looking for

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    soap affects the viscosity of water by making it more viscous or slowing it down.
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    soap does not affect the viscosity of water in any way. What soap or detergents do is to reduce the surface tension of water. This way water spreads more easily over a surface, and to reduce or eliminate the tendency for the water to bead up on a surface. But the viscosity of the water itself is unaffected. This can easily be proven by timing how long it takes for a measured amount of water to flow by gravity through an o*****e. Then compare with a water soap solution. You will see that there will be essentially no difference between the two situations. Since viscosity is the main effect that limits the above flow rate, and since adding soap to the water does not increase the flow rate, it is clear that there is no difference in viscosity between water, and soapy water.

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