how do you think of Prince William wedding?

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my deepest feeling why not his mother Princess Diana live to today? Please share how did you feel about the mega event!

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  1. Danial

    Well, it is definitely sad thinking about late Diana on the wedding day of her son. I was reading an article in a newspaper saying that Prince William said he will be missing his mother on the event. Reading this for a moment I literally felt sorry for the prince. Below are some of the pictures of Diana with Prince William that I explored and found great ones to share here.

    prince william childhood

    prince william childhood 2  prince william childhood 3

    Besides this painful side, the wedding ceremony was no doubt a great one, with princes, and princesses, celebs and political leaders from so many countries gathered to share the joy of Prince’s new journey. The most beautiful aspect of the wedding I found was peoples’ love for the prince and the princess. The way they were gathered on the roads to see a glimpse of newlywed royals, and waving their hands for prince and the princess was certainly a great sight.

    Other than that the most discussed and the anticipated bridal dress, that was being talked about since the official engagement of Kate and William. I, however, didn’t like the bridal dress that much. I mean it was good, but not as great as it was being discussed. Honestly, I didn’t find it something special, it was just ok bridal dress. Yes, the other dress that Kate wore later was fine enough!

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