How do you run windows mail on windows 7?

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I was using windows mail on vista and I now have installed windows 7, but I cannot access windows mail on windows 7. Help please!

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  1. John

    Different people who were running Win 7 (Pre Beta 6801) have been inquiring about Win Mail into the said version of windows. The odd thing is that it is there, but it is concealed and does not manage anything when you bang on it, whereas, you will glimpse it in task supervisor. So, if you manage desire Win Mail, this is what you need to do.
    First proceed to the directory choices and deselect conceal defended functioning scheme documents and manage not to display concealed documents. You will now be adept to glimpse the Win Mail executable document, which was before hidden. In the next step, proceed to your programs and Win Mail directories and own Rights of whole documents. This way, you may require managing this one document at a time. Remember to provide complete control of every file to yourself. Once you are the owner of all controls and granted yourself full command, extract or exactly duplicate all your documents from Vista Win Mail directory while pasting and restoring all the documents in Win 7 Mail directory. Completing this job, you are done with it. You further need not to try banging on genuine Concealed WinMail.exe document. If you manage to do so, you would not be adept to restore it. Good Luck!!!


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