how do you remove whitesmoke from google chrome

by Guest24441536  |  6 years, 9 month(s) ago

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whitesmoke took over my google chrome now it is frozen how do i remove what ever they installed on it i can't even download google chrome without it reinstalling ws it will not let me use the tools button

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  1. Guest28029141

     It is not in the Control Panel/Add Remove programs but remains in Chrome

  2. Guest28017345

     thankyou this worked for me :)

  3. Guest27972269

     I went through the process of uninstalling WhiteSmoke, but it still remains.  Nothing I am doing is successfully uninstalling it.


  4. Guest27933795

     after following the uninstall steps, plus removing extensions from chrome, the whitesmoke still remains. anyone got any real suggestions as to how to get rid of whitesmoke and spyware?

  5. Guest27926676

     whitesmoke is not in my programs, it was loaded on when I downloaded googlechrome, wisecept also. so I can't get to it thru my control panel. I need something else.

  6. Guest25324738

     Ok, how do you uninstall it when there is no listing for whitesmoke??? I have removed everything I can find that has whitesmoke listed in its name. There is no more listings with whitesmoke in its title, and the whitesmoke search is still owning my google chrome....

  7. Guest24954897

    Ha, ha - is that supposed to be funny?  That works for normal programs - not spyware, toolbars, and other unwanted programs.

  8. Guest24441539

     It is very simple to remove any program including Whitesmoke. follow the steps below and you should be good to go:

    Step 1. Please go to "Start"

    Step 2. -> Select "Control Panel" ->

    Step 3. "Add Remove programs",

    Step 4. select "WhiteSmoke"

    Step 5.  Click "Uninstall"

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