how do you remove and clean a carb on a 1991 gsxr 750

by Guest12702199  |  10 years, 11 month(s) ago

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ive changes the spark plugs and ive put new fuel filters on it its got a full tank of premium gas(gas is on) and i just put a brand new battery in it could it be anything but the carburetor?

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  1. Guest18809845
    That's awesome how you stole that text, word for word, off the Gixxer website on the same topic instead of just pointing the lad to it.

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, The best and most relevant, well-descriptive text I ever read was a manufacturer's shop manual for a 1989 GS500/GS500e. Same basic carb design as ours for the o/c's, even had a graph on what jets, what percentage from each was flowing at each rpm/vacuum pull. (There are some differences but not many) Awesome troubleshooting tips too on the mikuni's that can even be put to use when installing and/or tweaking a jetkit or when you move from the mountains to sea-level and vice versa. Some old-school racing bike books you find in the library from the early 80's can help some, but that GS500/GS500e book was really descriptive and had awesome (to scale, no less) graphics and charts for fuel mapping. (The old manuals you got shipped, shrink-wrapped, and had to bind yourself in a 3-ring binder) If you can find something like that, scan it and do an image-to-text it would really help out some people. The english was odd at times, but it really had more information than I've ever seen in any book. Learned allot from it.

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