how do you kill your moshi monster

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how do you kill your moshi monster

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  1. Guest24928302

  2. Guest23955029

    hey i know the answer just leave it, i know it sounds really mean but it works!!!

  3. Guest23675142

    dont kill moshi monsters there so cute give them to someone else!!!!!!




  4. Guest23571104

    can someone take my moshi monster i cannot have it i already have one and i don't want it to die called mileynothannah

    pass: candy


  5. Guest23142227

    dont kill them their cute

  6. Guest23100870

    Erm why would you even TRY? my freind killed her moshi by acident cos all she did was she had a virus on her PC and it killed her moshi. (PS she left it for a year and a half before having the virus)

  7. Guest22776682

    Forget about it pretend you NEVER had it just make a new one and if you make a new one and dont take care of it then your messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Guest22774435

    feed it to much and do not play with it and do not look after it

  9. Guest22714399


  10. Guest22683615

     Its very clear that you simpily dont feed it play games or buy it anything no vistiting ever dont tickle it and it will get really sick and die!!! PLEASE ADD ME!! gracieluvsburgers

  11. Guest22654760

     Give me your adress and password and I will take care of it if you don't want them

  12. Guest22652778

    You can't kill your moshi it's impossible i tried by not going on for a whole year. btw plzzzz add me, i am loopylucy131998   thankyou   xxxxxxxx :)

  13. Guest22616103

    u r alll idiots u cant kill ur moshi! just forget about the account if u dont want to play anymore!

  14. Guest22597317

    You Cant Possibly Kill Moshi Its Impossible ! ! !

  15. Guest22577077

    Eh, hello!! You can't kill your Moshi Monster! I can't believe you went on trying all these things! I hate you all! You are so stupid!

    If you forgive me, I'm Ninishe. Add me!!!

  16. Guest22481384

    Eat 20 slops,leave him/her alone for a week and try to get in to wont because it's dead!

  17. Guest22206869

    you stupid people dont kill moshis

  18. Guest22206869

    you stupid people dont kill moshis

  19. Guest22206869

    you stupid people dont kill moshis

  20. Guest22197699

    dont kill it we love moshis

  21. Guest20912426
    plz help. how do i tell the staff that i don't want to play it. i don't know the address of the staff
  22. Guest20901254
    epic fAIL IT
  23. Guest20739616
    i dont know
  24. Guest20567452
    kill it
  25. Guest20138991
    U leave it alone forever don't even go on the website. The only time u should go on the website is when you make a another moshi monster. I know cuz this happenend to me before I want to get rid of my 3rd moshi monster. But if u do visit for the last time if u press it it will tell u to stop. Hope my info helps any. If u need help with ur moshi monster contact me @
  26. Guest20016954
  27. Guest19983203
    dunno just make a new account and when u log on in 2weeks its will be rotted and skull
  28. Guest19889232
    You can not kill it!!! You can only make it starve!!! If you think you can't look after your monster any more e-mail Mind Candy and they will help you!!!!
  29. Guest18864164
    dont do anything just wait an it will cry but not die
  30. Guest18465209
    i know leve it alone
  31. Guest17933794
    Don't play on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. Guest17884258
    you just leave dont go on it then on after a very long time dont do anything :play puzzles and games dont post a note dont add friends dont but anything
  33. Guest17750406
    kill it
  34. Guest17738222
    dont feed it at all or go to the pasrents hotmail and they can send a message back
  35. Guest17350423
    don,t ever feed it
  36. Britney
    Dont do your puzzles anymore or feed it..basically forget it then just create a different moshi monster. Also dont play with it and write notes on the post board that your changing your person into something else and tell them the name on your new moshi!! :) I hope I helped thankz!
  37. Guest14681599
    Also you can do VERY poorly on the daily challenge and it wil get sadder. That will make it closer to dying.
  38. Guest13213923
    Don't play with it. Send a message to staff that you don't want to play anymore. That's all.

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