how do you import pictures on windows starter 7

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I have windows 7 starter edition on my Mini Notebook and I want to know that how to import pictures on windows 7 starter from a digital camera.

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  1. James Augustus

    You can import pictures and from digital camera to your personal computer in many ways. Here is a common way to do it:
    To import pictures and videos from a digital camera follow the given instructions:
    1. First of all you need to connect the digital camera to your personal computer by using the USB data cable of camera.
    2. Now switch on your digital camera.
    3. After doing that you will click Import pictures and videos by using Windows that appear in the AutoPlay dialog box.
    4. You have the option to tag your pictures. For that write or type a tag name in the optional box of Tag these pictures.
    The folder name inserts the date to the photos or pictures and videos are transfered and the tag name by default.
    5. Press Import button to see the imported pictures and videos.

    • You could also add descriptive tags to your photos or pictures when you transfer them by typing them in the optional box of Tag these pictures. You can also tag pictures when your photos are transfered to your computer.
    • You can also bring changes in the settings when transferring pictures and videos.
    • There are many devices which are compatible with Device Stage. For those compatible devices, Device Stage will when you connect any device to your computer and switch on the device. To transfer pictures or videos from compatible device, press the import link in Device Stage.

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