how do you get a 4th grade boy to like you

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how do you get a 4th grade boy to like you

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  1. Guest28050956

    to get a boy to like you is be nice to him laugh at his jokes(even if thy arn't funny). then he might ask you out

  2. Guest27912814

    I don't get it I tried it and you want to now what it didn't work I am still single


  3. Guest27438158

    I say Just Be yourself. You could try purposley bumping into him. After you chat a litttle with him give him a tensie smile that what make him like you a bit. Communicate with his friends and have fun. Be clean including brushing teeth,clean and combed hair,and skin. Dont sit by him or follow him no one likes that type of girl.Make him your friend. Join him!

  4. Guest27192896

    geust person wat grade r u inor hav u graduated??cuz i like u and ur advice


  5. Guest23550379

    stupid person

  6. Guest17850994
    Well i am a boy and i dont really know how. Just be yourself and maybe you can ask your best friend to ask his best friend to ask him if he likes you.

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