how do you beat poptropica mythology island

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how do you beat poptropica mythology island

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    that really helped! im serious! i got 2 the part were i have 2 fight Zeus and im stuck! that sucks 4 me! cause i didnt think that was gonna b so hard. 

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    Entering Mythology Island: Olympus Village On this Main Street, the Olympus Museum is at the left, and to the right is Herc's Hero Hut, the gate to Mount Olympus, and the Midas Gym (the multiplayer meeting room). The area to the left is the forest and to the right is the Grove of Temples. 1.Enter the museum and browse the Greek Mythology history and the various gods and goddesses. The only item to acquire is the Starfish which is on Poseidon's statue. 2.The gate to Mount Olympus is locked until late in the game. Hercules is in the Hero Hut selling autographs, but nothing in there is ever functional. The Grove of Temples Go right from Olympus Village. The temple is to the Nine Muses, who inspire human scholars and artists. 1.Go in and to the far right there are free Reed Pipes (flutes). Take one and go to the statue of Euterpe (in the group nearer the entrance). 2.Repeat the song she teaches you note-by-note, and Euterpe will give you a song that can put Cerberus to sleep. The Tree of Immortality Leave the Grove, go left past Olympus Village to the forest. The Tree of Immortality is mostly decoration, and the statues dare you to eat an apple from it (there is only one, and it is in the next frame above the forest). 1.Climb the steps and go up into the tree. There are serpents you can climb and mushrooms which will bounce you up to the next step. The central area has a "honey" spill which is only barely climbable. 2.Find the satyr at the top right, who will show you the way to reach the Golden Apple if you collect 10 pots of honey within 60 seconds. There are about three to either side and four down the middle, and it is easier to get the top ones first. 3.When you go up the hidden path and get the apple, Zeus angrily appears. But he offers you a task, recovering 5 sacred items for him in exchange for your immortality. Looking over the scroll, the items are: 1) a flower from the Garden of the Sphinx - far left, 2) the nose ring of the Minotaur - also left, 3) a scale from the Hydra - Poseidon's lair, 4) a giant pearl - also Poseidon's, and 5) a whisker from the dog-beast Cerberus - in Hades. 4.After Zeus leaves, you are visited by Athena (his daughter) who warns you about Zeus and offers her help. When you see a glowing olive, it means that there is a helpful hint. The Garden of the Sphinx and the Cave of the Minotaur Cross the bridge to the right from the forest. There is a huge creature (the Sphinx) in a garden setting. Wood and stone aqueducts are spilling water about the scene. At the far left is the cave of the Minotaur. 1.The creature (Sphinx) wants water returned to the Garden. Climb up from the entrance and open the water flow into the aqueduct. There are four control levers and two wooden gates. Once all of the water is flowing into the lake, you can go back to the Sphinx. 2.You will find the Sacred Flower. Climb above it to a tree with red pomegranate fruits. Collect these and go to the cave entrance. 3.The lock to the entrance is musical, with eight notes according to the color code of the Reed Pipe : blue-blue-green-yellow-yellow-red-blue-green. 4.The Minotaur ushers you into his labyrinth, which is large but not particularly confusing. Go across the top until you hit a chain, then straight down from there (not back to the left). There are three challenges in the maze. The first involves a riddle, removing 6 bones from an arrangement of 15, leaving "10" (the nine bones that spell the letters TEN). The scorpion pit requires you to simply jump over him. The Red-Eyed Snake is elusive, but if you have fast reflexes, you can catch him three times as he pops out (peripheral vision is helpful). Your other option is to click at one of the holes for a few minutes until he pops out there (the Red-eye works his way around to all 12 holes every few cycles). There is no indication that you have succeeded until you tag him three times. 5.Take the ring from the Minotaur's nose. The Realms of Hades and Poseidon These two sequences are to the right in the Grove of Temples, and each has a temple interior and a throne room (which you access much later in the game). Because of a special travel item, you should do the Poseidon realm first, then come back to the Hades pit. 1.Travel all the way back to the Village, and through the Grove of Temples until you reach the realms of Hades (below) and Poseidon (farther right). Use the mud elevators to reach Poseidon's realm on the far right side of the Hades temple. 2.In the Poseidon temple, place the Starfish on the altar, which opens the entrance to the realm. You will find a beach scene on a blue lake, with bikini girls and even a surfer-dude Triton as lifeguard. You also find Aphrodite, the goddess sister of Athena. 3.Use your memory to identify five gods and goddesses on Aphrodite's test. (The answers are Ares, Hermes, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hestia.) She will give you a special touch-screen mirror that lets you travel to and from any realm you have previously visited, without the need for a lengthy hike. 4.Dive into the lake and swim underwater through the rock maze. The bubbles will give you extra oxygen. Go right near the top of the maze, down the right side to the bottom, and then left to the Hydra Cave. Just above the entrance is the Giant Pearl oyster. 5.To defeat the Hydra, wait until one of its heads is about to thrust toward you. Jump up before it hits you, and land on top of it to knock the head out. After all five are kayoed, swim down to recover a scale from the creature. 6.Use the mirror to take you back to Aphrodite, then walk back right to reach the exit and go to the Hades pit. 7.At the temple, clean the graffiti from the walls to earn a drachma. Enter the temple and place the Pomegranates on the altar (there are some hints about this at the Hero Hut). Enter the realm. 8.Jump down into the pit, ignoring the cartoon bat. You will find yourself with a boatman on the River Styx, which leads to Hades itself. 9.As the boat moves down the river, you will find three hazards: falling rocks, fiery skulls, and river monsters. Move backward or forward in the boat to dodge the rocks, and jump over the skulls and creatures. There are multiple sets, usually four. You can sometimes survive a hit, but if you are knocked from the boat, you must begin again. 10.At the river bank, you will find Cerberus, the three-headed dog monster. Tale out the Reed Pipe and play the 6-note song from Euterpe: blue-green-yellow-blue-red-green. He will take a nap and you can get one of his whiskers. 11.You now have all five of the sacred items, but you cannot enter the Hades throne room because it is blocked by a large stone. Use the mirror to get back to Olympus Village and go left to the Tree Of Immortality. (If you did Hades first, you cross the river with no dangers, and go back to the surface.) The Forest: Athena, Zeus, and finally Hercules The items spell out a secret agenda for the scheming Zeus, who has been trying to wrest power from his brothers Poseidon and Hades. 1.Athena meets you at the Tree site and tells you to assemble the secret message on the 5 sacred items. Put together, the words spell out "Whoever wields the five sacred objects will rule all of Poptropica". 2.Zeus appears and steals the items from you, having no intention of making you immortal, intent only on seizing power from Poseidon and Hades. 3.Athena sends you back to Olympus Village to appeal to Hercules. He finally relents when told of the scheme. (At this point you definitely need the Touchscreen Mirror because he won't follow you on foot.) The two of you use the mirror to go to Hades. With Hercules to see Hades and Poseidon 1.Hercules moves the rock from the Throne Room, and you enter to meet Hades. He decides to give you his powerful Crown to use against Zeus. 2.Use the mirror to travel to the underwater realm of Poseidon, where Hercules opens the rock passage to Poseidon's throne. Poseidon gives you his powerful Trident to use. Use the mirror to take you to the locked Olympus Gate. On Mount Olympus 1.Hercules smashes open the lock on the gate and you enter Zeus's realm on Mount Olympus. Unfortunately, the first hazard you meet is Medusa, who turns Hercules into a stone statue. 2.To the right is a high climb, but there is a way up: you use your drachma to buy a "bag of wind" from the Aeolus Wind Wagon. (Refills are free.) 3.Reaching the summit, light up the four statues of Zeus to summon him to the final battle. You will use the combined powers of the Crown and Trident, flying and firing lightning bolts against Zeus. Battle Against Zeus 1.Use the Trident to fire bolts at Zeus as you fly around. The health meter below Zeus will show his weakening power if you hit him. 2.Anytime he hits you, you will lose power, as indicated by the pink clouds supporting you. If you lose them all, you must start the battle over. Collect as many little clouds into your cloud as you can. 3.After you have scored some hits, the process is made more difficult. Zeus begins to glow, and forms a spinning group of glowing white balls of energy. He then releases them at you, and you must dodge them by making evasive maneuvers. (This is like the spinning balls from Betty Jetty, or the razor balls from the Mordred robot.) Your bolts will only hurt Zeus when he is NOT glowing. 4.If you successfully avoid the bolts and balls, you can score enough hits to reduce Zeus's power to zero. You have won the quest! Zeus returns the sacred items to you. Athena rewards you with the Island Medallion and you have become a hero in the realms of Olympus! After the fact, you can meet Hades and Poseidon again, and Cerberus wakes up. The maze of the Minotaur has only the scorpion as a threat, and the Hydra is permanently knocked out. Zeus is not seen again after his defeat. --- Small Glitch: (Poseidon) if you remove either of the boulders (Hades or Poseidon) and do not go in the throne room, and go to the other realm instead -- Hercules may give you conversation if you try to go back to the original location. Move away from him and try again. Poseidon Throne Room Some players may find themselves at Poseidon's throne earlier in the game because they run out of oxygen underwater. If this happens, you can get the Trident early, but you will need the Touchscreen Mirror to escape back into the game! Otherwise, exit using the Haunted House card from the Poptropica Store.

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