how do i unfold my maclaren twin traveler stroller

by marisela martinez  |  12 years, 1 month(s) ago

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just picked up and have no idea how to open i unlatched the side locks but i cant get it to open completely

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  1. Guest16825412
    Once you undo both side locks it should just open up. I have one and that's all you have to do to open it. Then in the back center I think there is a metal piece that you push down with your foot to lock it in place. The maclaren twin traveler is suitable for infants. It fully reclines and I've used it for 4 of my children and it has held up great. I love it!

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, My best friend got pregnant a few months back so I had been in charge of certain things since then, and one of them is being the Pushchair shopper. So being the geek that I am I did a full research of the best pushchairs - so much so that I swear Pushchair companies can now hire me as an infomercial host and I'll do really well! lol Anyway, to answer your question my dear, as a matter of fact the Maclaren Triumph is NOT suitable for newborns. It can recline to more than 150 degrees, but it's only suitable from 3 months onwards according to the manufacturer, but I personally inspected the pushchair and I wouldn't put a child in there who couldn't sit up properly on their own just yet. Don't get me wrong - I think the Triumph is one of the best strollers around, but it's best for children from 6 months onwards in my opinion. The Maclaren Triumph is a lightweight stroller, NOT a travel system, hence no carrycots will fit with it. If you want a pushchair that you can use from birth up until your baby is 3 or 4 years old, your best bet is to buy a pushchair that you can convert into a pram/stroller and travel system. The most popular models that fulfill this criteria that are also getting great reviews from parents are: Maclaren Techno XLR Travel System Graco Quattro Tour TSB Silver Cross 3D Pram System There are loads more, but it's hard to make recommendations with the information you gave. There really are a lot you need to consider before buying a pushchair, as making the wrong purchasing decision could be a costly mistake that you'll end up doing over and over again until you get it right! (I know other parents who bought more than 3 pushchairs within 2 years!) For example, you need to check if the handle height is suitable for you, if it's small enough to fit in your boot, if the wheels are suitable for the terrains you'll be using it in, if the seats are washable and easy to clean, if it's easy to fold/unfold with one hand, if it's easy to use for public transport, if the shopping basket is big enough for your needs and if it's accessible, etc.
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