how do i stop being jealous of these girls&take them down(they deserve it u'll agree 1nce u read diz

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Ok, so there are about 3 or more girls popular at my school...all the boys (I'm NOT kidding) have crushes on them...some guys like me and my friends, tho (thank god!).. but anyways im like super jealous and u are not gonna believe this but, only 1 out of all the girls is actually a nice person(thts just based on wat my friend said about her... tht popular girl can be nice to my friend, but tht doesnt necessarily mean shes nice, bcuz tht girl has talked bad about me b4).. +, all the others talk bad about me too...they say im always by myself,tht im weird, and other stuff tht idk about.. and they sometimes stare at me weird.. and i HTE IT HATE IT, HATE IT!! How the h**l do I make this problem GO AWAY FOR NOT ONLY NOW, BUT FOREVER!

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  1. Guest25179380

     believe it or not, but these popular girls are actually "forcing" all the boys to like them.. to make U and all the OTHER GIRLS jealous of them.. because they are mean and boys your age don't like mean girls..think about you really think a boy would like you after you slapped a teacher? NO!

  2. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

     First off, YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS SHOULD BE THE POPULAR ONES NOT THEM.. & do you really think they deserve to be popular? If they talk bad about you, thats a sign that they are BAD gossipers, backstabbing friends, and just plain ol' mean.. If they are only nice to certain ppl ( remember what u said in your question, you said one girl was nice to your friend but not you), then they aren't worth your time.. People can be popular, but not TRULY popular.. you wanna know why? Because they are taking advantage of being popular since everyone loves them and because nobody knows how they 'really" are... The boys are seeing their fake-diva-selves.. You are seeing the "real" them.. Just don't listen to them and what they have to say or do.. don;t even get near them (if I were u I would stay 20 feet away from them! LITERALLY)..& Someday, believe me, someday.. things are going to even up, and things will be VERY different. They will get karma, you'll have your revenge ON THEM, and they will feel guilty for everything that they have done and realize YOU & YOUR FRIENDS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE POPULAR ONES

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