how do i make a boy i really like , ask me out?

by alexandra  |  10 years ago

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how do i make a boy i really like , ask me out?

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  1. Guest20018716
    be yourself and not the person ur not boys like girls that can control themselves and be then selves around themnot some person that doesnt act the way they r supposed to do and if that doesnt work srry:( bye!!!!

  2. Guest15565280
    be yourself and most boys like girls that have great personalitys
  3. Guest14970013
    Be yourself and try to get closer to him. Maybe you could like, become friends or something first. I have a guy friend who I didn't like in that kindof way but as I got closer to him as friends it turns out that we both like eachother but we are to shy to actually do something about it! I was just being myself and it's great to do that even though you think the boy won't like you for you; but if he doesn't then he's not worth it!
  4. alexandra
    thatss gayyy !.
  5. Guest14913509
    show him your b***s and hope for the best!
  6. alexandra
    yeahh but the thingg is that he likes me too but if he goes out with me then his friends that like me too will act like dicks to himm. but i likee him a lot.... i talked to himm bout how i feel.
  7. Kenna
    Well,do you talk to that person? if not then start a conversation up,see what he likes and what he is like. find out what type of girl he likes. hang out with him.. sorry that my answer isnt that good :[ i dont know much about this kind of thing..becuz honestly i have someone i like too... but i hope this helps,if not,Sorry :( Bye.
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