how do i find a couple to adopt my baby, i deliver in Feb..and social services has no answers

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how do i find a couple to adopt my baby, i deliver in Feb..and social services has no answers

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  1. Guest23097508

     Good day jade.this is katy.i left you a message on your email hope to get in touch with you soon.Godbless.

  2. Guest23072000

    Hi! my name is Jade ( I live in the Philippines, and I am 5 months pregnant. The baby in my womb is half Filipina (me) and half British (the father), and I am looking for a couple who are willing to adopt this baby, also willing to support me during my pregnancy term, I am sorry for being straight forward. I hope you understand.

    please send me an email if you are willing to take the responsibilities as a parents...

    Thank you so much. =)


  3. Heather

     Hi my name is Heather I'm Married to a wonderful man who works hard and takes good care of his family,I have 3 Beautiful children that came with our Marriage all that I love as if they were my own, This year Im adopting them,The fee has been paid and the attorney is processing as we speak, I have never been able to have children of my own, The one thing I want more then anything is a baby I would like to find someone that would be willing to adopt there newborn to 6 months old baby girl or Boy, Someone who would like to come and meet me and have a part in the childs life as there aunt or uncle is ok with me,My attorney is sweet and down to earth she also adopted her daughter,My oldest is Son is 8,Next is my daughter which is 7 and then the youngest which is 5yrs old , They are the most well behaved and joyful beautiful kids you would ever meet,I'm a stay at home mom and My kids are my life,Each day is focused around them,My whole family are wonderful people strangers who meet my family and get to know them,Wish they could be part of are family just because of the LOVE we share.I have to say Im completely blessed all except a baby,If this sounds like something you'd be interested in Please Email me @ I would love to help a mother who needs help in raising her baby,I wouldn't ask any Mom to cute off all ties unless she just wanted too.

  4. Guest22813666

     Hi! I am 6 months pregnant, a single mother of 3 kids and I am looking for a couple who will adopt my baby when I deliver. 

    We can have private talk, pls email me at


  5. Guest22811248

    All adoption agencies should be aware of these thieves[Frany and markreddy] who call them selves couples and still children from other people and say they want to adopt.We just got a phone call that they belong to an ocurtic society and they adopt children from adoption agencies and carry out sacrificies with them.They claim to be in USA  but are resident in Indian but when they want to adopt they will tell you that they will collect their baby in USA  and after that they carry the baby to Indian for the rituals .Their email is as follows we could not succeed to get their telephone number and adress we would have posted here foe every one to be aware of them.They wanted to adopt from our mission and gave ue a contact number to be that of USA  but we called and it was responded in Indian and immediately the person picked the phone I got incantation words at the background for one and a half minute with their names mentioned at the background saying let this spirits iprove on their properity as we us this child they have brought for this sacrifies.We later sent an email to them and said we do not adopt to socities and they said we should go to h**l with our children.We have three days prayers against their planes to all children in the world to be save aginst them in Jesus name.

  6. Guest22351553

    Let me start by saying I feel it wonderful that you are taking into consideration a couple to adopt your precious baby! My whole life I have wanted to have 5 children, and have always dreamed of becoming a Mum one day! I am the only of my mother’s 5 children (she has 13 grandchildren) unable to carry a child to term. I have been seeing a fertility specialist and have not conceived in almost a year. I have been pregnant twice once in 2007 and once early this year, I have lost both baby's in miscarriage. My spouse (Mark) 37yrs and I 35yrs of age dream of having a family and are very fearful that, that dream will not come true. We would love the opportunity to adopt. If you would like to talk about the possibility in considering us as new parents for your precious baby, please contact us at

  7. Guest21614969

    my husband and i are looking for a direct placement adoption and open as well. we want the birthmother to be a part of our family just as much as the child. please feel free to e mail me and we would love to get to know eachother.  <a href=""></a>

  8. Guest21029262
    hi there. my husband and i have done a private direct placement adoption which is no cost to you. we adopted our son 6 years ago. All you have to do is state that you choose us to be the babys family and you are giving us permission to do a adotpion. no agency needed. we complete the paperwork ourselves which is thru the Court of the Queens bench. when are you due? we have been searching so long to adopt another child. I cannot have kids due to ruptered fibroids and bled out 4 years ago. im 29. we live in drumheller. are you in alberta and would you be interested in talking with us?are you having a boy or girl? thank you for your time. And my name is Amanda. the adoption doesn't even have to be complete before you give the baby away you just need to sign a paper stating its ok for the baby to leave the hospital with whoever you choose and that you give full guardianship and sign over all legal rights as a mother and then the adoption can continue from there. hope this helps contact me at if you are interested. If i am to late on replying and you have found a family thats ok. if oyu know anyone else pregnant and looking to do adoption please give out my information. thank you kindly take care
  9. Guest20922476
    me and my husband has adopted two and have two. but they aregrown up. We still have 2 at home. We would love to adopt another one. i am 32 and my husband is 46. we live in ohio. email me at
  10. Guest20660125
    Me and my husband will help you and the baby. we have been trying to adopt for the last 9 years. we have two kids now and it is so lonely during the day with out a kid running around. please call me. I can help 740-546-2032
  11. Guest19594907
    hi my name is christina 22 i am happliy married to my husband jamal 24 we r a young couple we have two beautiful kida ages 2-4 they are both girls i can not have any more kids and we was hoping to have a baby boy both of r kids are in school and they what to have a brother to. if you are for sure please call me at 313-465-0288 or email me at thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon.
  12. Guest19538828
    Hi there. my husband and I and our adopted son are looking to add another member to our family. We did a private direct placement adoption and we did all the docutments and stuff four court which was kinda hard but easy.Things went very smooth. we have had him since day one. 2 months premature and born with fetl alcohol Spectrum disorder which can be a handful sometimes but we love him no matter what. we don't see him having a limit of what he can do in life.We would be interested in adopting your child but wher do you live and all. it just a offer
  13. Guest19486890
    hi my name is brianne. my gf and i (we are a same s*x couple) have been trying to concieve for 3 years. if you or anyone you know is still looking for someone to adopt please contact me at we are a very loving couple and only wish to have a family of our own. we do not discriminate and will make good parents if given the oppurtunity. please contact me. brianne
  14. Guest19466455
    Hi, i'm in alberta the schools are good there, we are a loving family we have 3 boys and hoping to adopt a baby girl, we would open our house to you and help you have a healthy baby, please contact me: and i'll give you more infor. thank you.
  15. Guest19062417
    plz email me at
  16. Guest18889697
    hi... me and my husband are looking for a pregnant filipino woman, baby has to be mixed parentage from a white foreigner. i will pay for all expenses..(we can arranged that with my lawyer) me and my husband 3 years married and has stable income, we can support ur baby in every we can..and we will bring and raised the baby in the uk. heres my husband's email: or before we migrate to uk we want to adopt or when baby is born we can register it straight to my husband name so that hassle free of this adoptions papers...easy for us to take the baby to the uk money matters we can arranged that with my lawyer.... hoping with ur reply mr. and mrs.markham philippines
  17. Guest18003118
    I would be very so much interested in giving the child a home. I am 26 told I was going threw menopause and cant have kids. I would love by the grace of God to take the baby in our home. I have no kids 4 bedroom house and my husband is a fire man. I love kids please email me aamy891 at I dont mind paying for your doctor medical bills as well if needed.
  18. Guest16972109
    My mom has been wanting to adopt for a very long time.She has tried adopting a foster child but they say its not good to bring a baby in a single parent home. My dad died in 9/11 and I think my mom has done a pretty good job raising me so far, I will be starting college next fall, I have been an honor student thought high school, anything I have ever needed or wanted I have gotten, I don't think there is anything wrong with being a single parent. I think as long as you can provide love, support, and a good stable home for a child, then that should be good enough. My mom has also tried Inverto and that didn't work. She has had many compilations with getting pregnant. Please if you havent already made up your mind, it won't hurt just to call: (863)-514-8351, the reason why my mom is not the one writing this messaqge, is because she has pretty much lost all hope, but deep down inside I still feel there is a baby out there for my mom.
  19. Guest16900896
    I hope you have found the answers you were looking for. My husband and I have been hoping to have a child of our own for 4 years. We were recently approved for adoption and are looking forward to finding a child of our own. If you are still looking for a loving couple, please check out our website and profile or email me. Our Adoption Profile (Profile ID# 23598496) Our Adoption Website: Or email us at:
  20. Guest16393929
    Hi! First, you have a beautiful heart to consider adoption; although an unplanned situation may have brought you here adoption can really win-win-win situation for all those involved (you, your baby and adoptive parents)! Please know that you will be okay and your baby will be okay too. I imagine it is not an easy situation but you will be okay if you follow YOUR heart! Basically on finding parents...there are two ways to go about placing a baby for adoption - both of which should cost you nothing financially. You may contact an agency where they will provide you with profiles of parents that have hired that Agency to help make a connection. Or you may look for the adoptive parents yourself where parents often post profiles on parent profile sites, place advertisments with a toll free number, create websites etc. with hopes of making a connection by you contacting them. In either case, these parents should be working with a qualified agency or an adoption attorney (in private adoption) - who will then help you through the rest of the process to ensure everyone's rights are protected. Please note that states have different laws surrounding adoption so you may have to inquire specific to the state you are in. I can tell you more about private adoption as that is the route my husband and I chose to take again hoping to further exand our adopt family. Basically, private adoption is really a neat option because you get to choose the parents yourself and decides what kind of relationship to have (or not :) with the adoptive parents. You can also decide on what kind of adoption plan you would like (ie: for example if you would like updates on the baby or not, would you like to meet the birth parents or not etc). So its very important you find someone you connect with and is willing to work with you on such things. Most parents are very sensitive to the fact that this is not an easy time and will respect how you wish to handle the adoption and your attorney will bring you through the steps legally. So it really comes down to what is best for you and your baby; as a result an adoption can actually be a very positive experience. Perhaps someone here can share on their experience with working with an Agency. But which ever way you go remember it it YOUR choice and you will know what is best for you and your that! I was also told that when a birthmom finds the adoptive parents she wants to raise her baby, she knows it (so the answers will come to you when you need them!) I hope this helps a little bit; I figured I would just give you the background information as I realize this is all new and must be overwhelming! I truly wish nothing but the best for you and your baby no matter which direction you take or whom your choose to parent your child. In the event you do wish to speak with us or learn more about us our website is: or my email is Best of everything to you! Donna 1-888-486-0299 toll free
  21. Guest15978233
    There is a family for every baby. Please read through our website and decide if we may be that family. We have love in our hearts and a safe place to call home. God bless you in your journey and if we can help in any way, if even just to talk, do not hesitate to call us. Michael and Carla
  22. Guest15889855
    My husband and I have been married five years and are looking to adopt a child. Here is our webpage to learn more about us: You can email us at
  23. Guest15875219
    My husband and I would be interested in adopting your baby. We are 24 and 26, live in Ohio, we lost our newborn twin boys 5 months ago today and have been looking into adoption. Please email me at
  24. Guest15834596
    Hello, There are many ways to find couples willing to adopt your baby. My husband and I having been praying for a baby to adopt. We are have no biological children, my husband and I own a business together and we both work from home, but I will be a full time mommy when the Lord blesses us with a child. We live in Texas and we'd be interested in talking with you if you are interested. You can email us at

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