how do i delete k-9 web protection without password

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how do i delete k-9 web protection without password

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  1. Guest22508307

    Completely legit, so easy, I read it off of another site like this and tried it. I was kinda scared it would s***w up my computer but it didn't. This doesn't remove k9, it just disables it, you can fix it (which is what I need to do eventually).

    Go to my computer>WINDOWS>system 32>drivers> and then take the file called bckd and cut and paste it onto your desktop. Restart your computer, and nothing gets blocked!

  2. Guest19947023
    This is the way I found most successful, you HAVE to follow the steps. 1. Delete K9 Short-Cut 2. Go to Start Menu, All Programs, delete K9 tab 3. Ctrl+Alt+Delete, will open task manager, go to processes, find k9filter.exe, click end process 4. Go to My Computer, Local Disk, Program Files, find Blue Coat K9 Web Protection file and delete it 5. Go to Start Menu, Run, type in regedit 6. This opens Registry, find and expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, find and expand Software, find and delete Blue Coat Systems 7. Go to Control Panel, Add and Remove Programs, uninstall program 8. Restart your computer 9. Open internet browser, the screen will pop up with not responding 10. At the bottom of the screen, click on link that says (if problem persists, click here) 11. This will take you to the Website, click Instant Support Articles, and click on the third link down 12. On the next page, scroll down to solutions, click on the second link, and download the software that corresponds to your operating system. 13. After downloading the software, a box will appear on the bottom right hand corner, click on it 14. This will take you to a page that will want you to input a password, put in the password you want and hit enter 15. This will take you to a page that wants you to input a Web Protection license, you most likely won’t have to input anything, but if you need one, open a new tab or window, go to, and register for one 16. If done right, you can go to any website you want or uninstall the program completely with your new password
  3. Guest19616600
    K9 Web Protection Alert
  4. Guest19585400
    i tell you how to turn of k9 without a pass Go to : Start: Run: Type MSCONFIG. go to run by start up and disable k9 helper and k9ui
  5. Guest19468003
    were is controle panel and post some hacking codes for k-9 protection plezzz be a legand
  6. Guest19116854
    Go to control pannel go to device manager click show hiden device find non-Plug and play divers
  7. Guest19103656
    try vised it can bypass k9
  8. Guest18972676
    how do i delete k-9 web protection without password
  9. Guest17638230
    I have a simple solution to this problem! My OS is in Danish so there is a chance that im translating the menu names wrong. Step 1: Open Device Manager in control panel Click View Click Show Hidden devices Under Non Plug and play drivers disable the following: bckd Step 2: Press alt+crtl+delete to open joblist, and stop the k9.exe process. Dont close joblist afterwards. Step 3: Delete the Bluecoat folder on your c:-drive Problem fixed!!
  10. Guest12559492
    Alright.. I've made it a goal to tackle this problem and after countless frustrating hours I've finally figured it out This is a totally safe way to remove k9 web protection without a password 1.) Go to and click on the "get license" tab on the left 2.) fill that out and get the license from your email address 3.) In the email there will be a link to download k9 or just type this into the address bar You'll need this to reinstall k9 just incase you mess something up 4.) Download an older version of k9 web protection I used K9 Web Protection 3.2.36 which you can download from the following link 5.) Access the task manager (ctrl + alt + del), go to the "process" tab, find "k9filter" and end this process of course after this point you won't be able to get on the internet since you just tampered with the program so make sure you've got the license from your email, the k9 installer, the k9 installer for the older version, and these directions on your desktop or something 6.) Go to the folder k9 is installed in ( C:\Program Files/Blue Coat k9 Web Protection/ is where it should be) and delete all the files in the folder, but not the folder itself 7.) Run the installer for the older version of k9 at this point you'll enter your license and create a password 8.) Install it in the folder you emptied earlier 9.) Now you can log on to k9 and change the filtering to whatever you please or just go ahead and uninstall it Now you should be free of that horrible s***k of a program If not, then restart your computer. Or you can reinstall it from the installer you got from the k9 website, get on the internet, and email me at and you and I will solve the problem K9 may have fixed this bug by the time you read this (because that's what they do best) but as of June 24, 2009 k9 doesn't stand a chance of torturing us with their nearly impossible-to-remove garbage any longer. Raise a fist in the air and rejoice!
  11. Guest12259704
    how do i delete k-9 web protection without password
  12. Guest11923448
    HI my name is Brian, iam trying to uninstall the k 9 PROTECTION from my computer..
  13. Guest11784240
    Uninstall k9 web protection without code
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