how do i activate my optimum rewards card

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how do i activate my optimum rewards card

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  1. Guest24242485

    how do i acticate my optimum rewardd card

  2. Guest22288256

    how do i activate my  reward cardwunce

  3. Guest22268313



  4. Guest21219048
    How di I do it
  5. Guest21180427
  6. Guest20375225
    I tried to use my optimum rewards card for movie tickets today and was told it was an invalid card .It was activated on 6/19/2008 and I have been using it ever since. What can I do to get a new card?I can't log on because it asks for a pets name and I don't have a pet.
  7. Guest20187233
    I do not have a card, but would like to get one. I have telephone service - 2 lines plus TV and computer. My acct # on my phone is 07848-098341-01-7. My name is allan m. newman my address is 58 Tiffany Circle Manhasset, NY 11030-3950 516 627-9318 516 627-9319
  8. Guest19736506
    how do i activate my rewards card
  9. Guest19710456
    I'm trying to actvate my optimum rewards card, It say's invalid number
  10. Guest19670358
    mdX7U 53bbK
  11. Guest19670358
    mdX7U 53bbK
  12. Guest19563618
    how do I activate my optimum rewards card
  13. Guest18275092
    I am trying to activate my rewards card. My ID is plevan My password is sugarrn. Please help
  14. Guest18002696
    How do I activate my reward card?
  15. Guest18002565
    how do i activate my optimum rewards card
  16. Guest17885490
    I have have my optimum rewards cards wiht me how do i activate

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