How do I stop slicing the ball?

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Hi, my handicap is 28 and I have a Dunlop cube driver. I want to know about the slicing and want to know that how would I stop slicing the ball. Can someone help me about it?

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  1. Judi

    A golf slice is a ball air journey that bends from left-to-right, for right-handed golfers, right-to-left for the left handed. There are distinct determinants for this slice, but the two major ones are a sway from over the peak so the association head slashes over the goal line. The second, associated, origin is giving a clubface that resides open and makes a left-to-right spin. Golfers occasionally roll the clubface open on the backswing and there are, too, distinct determinants for that. Part of the result is a feeble grab, initiating the shaft to rotate slightly. Here are some tips to halt Slicing in golf:
    Keep the bears aligned along the goal line, right base directly ahead, the left somewhat flared left. Your band buckle should issue directly ahead along the line through the ball. Increase your spine incline by angling more from the hips and jut your butt. Grip with your left hand and putting your thumb along the line of the shaft. The line through your thumb and catalogue digit should issue in the direction of your right eye.
    Keep the elbow calm, but directly, and grab solidly but not in a death squeeze. On your backswing, start the association back reduced and somewhat to the interior, holding the right elbow close to your side. On the downswing, hold part of your vigilance on sustaining the right elbow close your edge and permit the clubhead to sway to one o'clock.


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