how do I reinstall my existing Norton 360 to windows 7

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I purchased Norton 360 for my windows vista and now I have installed windows 7. I want to know that how I can reinstall my existing Norton 360 to windows 7.

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  1. Judi

    Norton 360 presents a comprehensive computer malware risk detection and defense service. The program furthermore integrates computer presentation services and integrates online facts and numbers backup services. A topic that can happen for some Norton 360 users is that the submission won't start when selecting the program icon on the computer's desktop or from the Windows System tray.
    If your exact duplicate of the Norton Antivirus 360 begins to function improperly and give you difficulties, one fast way to rectify it is to present a straightforward reinstall. Doing so engages establishing a new exact duplicate of Norton Antivirus 2009 over the living exact duplicate on your hard propel this restores any scheme documents that have become corrupted and begun to origin problems. A reinstall of Norton Antivirus 360 can be presented utilising the Control Panel in Windows.
    Click Start, and then select Control Panel. Open the Programs and Features. This icon is present in Windows Vista and 7. If you're a Windows XP client, open Add or Remove Programs.
    Click on Norton Antivirus 360, and then Click on Uninstall or Change granted option. The Norton Antivirus 360 setup utility will open up on screen. Select the Repair choice and bang on the granted choice of Next to reinstall Norton Antivirus 2009 on your computer.


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