how do I program rca MODEL No. #RCU410MS for an admiral tv

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how do I program rca MODEL No. #RCU410MS for an admiral tv

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  1. James Augustus

    You have to program universal remote with the TV code that matches your television in order for the 4 component universal remote to control your television. Instructions given below will explain the preferred method of programming the remote—the Direct Entry method.
    1. Turn on the television manually.
    2. Find the enclosed TV Code List. Search your brand of TV.
    3. Hold and retain the CODE SEARCH key until the indicator light brightens. Then leave the CODE SEARCH key.
    4. Press and release the TV button. The indicator light blinks and then remains bright.
    5. Use the number keys to put the first code listed for your brand. After you give a valid three-digit code, the LED indicator light turns off.
    Note: The LED light flashes rapidly for two seconds in case of entering an invalid code. Go over at step 3.
    6. Point the remote at your TV and push the ON-OFF button. If your TV turns off, you have found the correct code.
    7. Write down the code somewhere for future reference.
    8. If your TV doesn't turn off, repeat steps 3-6 given above, entering the next code for your brand. Use one of the Code Search methods to program this remote if none of the codes function or your brand is not listed,

    If brand of your television set is not listed in the Code List or you have tested all of the codes for your brand and the remote does not operate your component. Try Manual Code Search or Auto Code Search. Both Code Search procedures hunt all of the codes because your component’s code may be registered under another brand in the code list to program this remote.

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