how do I get to send message to Jon Stewart

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I watch his daily show and I want to send message to Jon Stewart but I don't know. Anyone please help me with this.

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  1. James Augustus

    You can send a mail to Jon Stewart on following address:
    Fan mail Address:
    The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
    (TV Show)
    733 11th Avenue
    New York, NY 10019
    Phone: (212) 586-2477
    Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz known as Jon Stewart was born in New York City on November 28, 1962. He is a very popular American television host, political satirist, writer, actor, stand-up comedian and media critic. He is the host of The Daily Show, a satirical news program that broadcasts on Comedy Central.
    Stewart started his career as a stand-up comedian. Later, he started hosting the Short Attention Span Theater for Comedy Central. He joined MTV to anchor his own show called The Jon Stewart Show. After that he anchored another show called You Wrote It, You Watch It on MTV. As an actor, he has appeared in many films. In early 1999, Stewart started hosting The Daily Show on Comedy Central. He is also a writer and co-executive-producer of the show. The Daily Show became very popular when Stewart joined the show. In 2001, The Daily Show of Stewart also won Emmy Award.
    Jon Stewart has performed in following films:
    1994: Mixed Nuts
    1996: The First Wives Club
    1997: Wishful Thinking,
    The Nanny
    Space Ghost Coast to Coast
    1998: Half Baked,
    Since You've Been Gone,
    The Faculty,
    Playing by Heart
    1999: Big Daddy,
    2000: The Office Party
    2001: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
    2002: Death to Smoochy,
    The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina
    2006: The Magic Roundabout (Doogal in North America)
    American Dad
    2007: Evan Almighty
    2008: The Simpsons,
    The Great Buck Howard
    2011: The Adjustment Bureau

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