how do I change the prime greeting on norstar meridien

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I record the new prime greeting but it the system does not accept it in memory.

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Feature 983 Log: (Password) See Below For 2 Digit Extensions 120000 For 3 Digit Extensions 1020000 For 4 Digit Extensions 10020000 System Displays Admin Press AA. System Displays Auto Atdt Admin GRTG TABLE LINES Press TABLE. Enter <Greeting Table Number 1> Press OK. System Displays AA menu Prompt: Y ** This is if you would like to record your own CHNG OK instructions to the caller after the Company Press CHANGE to N for NO. Greeting. System Displays Prompt: *Press NO if you would like to record your own Prime Alt Greeting. Press PRIME. System Displays Prompt: pri PLAY REC QUIT When recording your prompt, include instructions such as press -0- to reach an operator, press -9- to choose the Alternate Language, and press -#- to access the company Directory. Press OK. System Displays Accept Prompt? RETRY PLAY OK Press OK. System Displays Prompt: PRIME ALT Press *. Press OK. System Displays Morning: 1 CHNG PLAY NEXT Press NEXT. System Displays Afternoon: 2 CHNG PLAY NEXT Press CHANGE to make it Greeting #1. System Displays Afternoon: 2 CHNG PLAY NEXT Press OK. Press NEXT. System Displays Evening: <1> CHNG PLAY NEXT *Change Greeting to #2. System Displays Non-Business: <2> CHNG PLAY NEXT Press RELEASE to End. Please call if you have any questions.

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