how did panama cdc convert into indian cdc?

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how did panama cdc convert into indian cdc?

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  1. Guest28092095


     i have panama cdc and i have 36 months exp.of fg vessel....sir how can i convert my cdc in indian sir plzzz help me....thank email id is

  2. Guest24069764

     Sir how to get indian cdc i have already panama cdc now i am working ETO one email;

  3. Guest23629991

    hello sir

    i am nepali and i have belize cdc .is there any criteria for us to get indian cdc.i have 12 months experience. 

  4. Guest23135656

    sir . i have panama cdc iwant convert in to indian cdc, i have 1year experence.


  5. Guest23093896

    hi sir i have 12month sea experence . i want to convert panama cdc to indian cdc

  6. Guest22819462

    sir i have a panama c.d.c i have 6 month exprience and 2 years ITI pleses sir teach me how to convert into indian..send me

  7. Guest20951932
    you can not now-a days.
  8. Guest20383832
    This latter from placement office. off name is DVISION v r givig the job as well as v r making cdc. if u need the job so hurriup n call on 8097374753. send ur resume on
  9. Guest20291966
    i have liberain cdc with 11 month sailing experience now how i can get indian cdc my age is 36 year now please replay to my mail
  10. Guest17987262
    i have a liberein cdc.after 26months on sailing can i get the indian cdc.
  11. Guest17574216
    hello sir all panama cdc all pakag amount asked plase
  12. Guest17487249
    i have panama cdc and that i had worked 13 months.As now i want to get Indian cdc from experience bases,that can be possiable.i had worked as a chef cook
  13. Guest16772005
    dear sir, i have 26 months sea sarvice as os i want convert liberia cdc to indian cdc pls tell me. how i can convert this. v.rane
  14. Guest16689041
    my liberian cdc pls check my cdc no 901642
  15. Guest16352724
    i got 26 month in my panama cdc sri, i want convert it into indian cdc vinayak
  16. Guest14860203
    first you sail for six months as a fitter rank than give examination in Newzealand as mec3 also fill the TAR book otherwise 24 months of sail as a fitter rank than give examination in India (its cheap)after successful completion of marine engineering class 3 (in India class 4)show the certificate to mmd mumbai and apply for Indian c.d.c
  17. Guest14607393
    sir,i have panamacdc iwant to convert into indian cdc
  18. Guest12968869
    after 2 years of sea service thats the only way

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