How did Halloween begin?

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People have different myths, traditions and stories about the beginning of Halloween. I recently visited a friend of mine who was telling me about the history of Halloween, which made me interested in listening it completely, as it added much into my knowledge. But unfortunately, I failed to get to know the tale of its beginning. Can you please tell me the story of the beginning of Halloween, so that I can get to know the whole picture? Your kind help will add to my knowledge a lot and I’ll appreciate your efforts. Please make sure that I do not want anymore history of Halloween, but I am looking for the story of beginning of Halloween. So, if you have knowledge about that, please let me know. Thanks.

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  1. John

    It is widely accepted a fact that Halloween began from a Celtic vacation renowned as Samhain. It was commemorated in both Scotland and Ireland at a time over a 1000 or 2000 years (as revealed into the history). Well, Samhain was particularly the time of year – 31st October – when people were going to accomplish harvesting, whereas, the animals were conveyed from summer pastures to protect their selves for the months of winter. A large carnival was commemorated at Samhain and alongside, the vegetables, fruits, animals and kernels were burnt as presents to the gods in gigantic bonfires with a wish of having thriving New Year. It was accepted that throughout the evening of Samhain, the dead could stroll amidst the dwelling, and the dwelling could inquire the dead inquiries about future year. As they accepted that some of those spirits were bad, they were dressed in costumes having heads of animals to shock the spirits while defending their own selves. This is how the Halloween was started.


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