how can you make cats have kittens on the sims 2?

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all i know is you need a boy cat and a girl cat. they need to be adults, right?

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    Thank yo for this informaton.

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  3. Guest21880797

    You just build up the relationship with the other cat and when both bars on the relstionship bars are over 70-80 you can select breed with... and then select the other cats name!! they will go into to the doghouse type thing, the doghouse will jump around and fireworks will go off.!! HAVE NICE KIITENS!! :)  :) :) :) :) <3<3<3<3

  4. Guest15546995
    the cats have to like eachother and i dont tink u can cheet by boosting the relation ship w/ a cheat code ( i tried it didnt work ) and you need a doghouse type thing also you need a sim with a good relationship with one or both of the cats when your sim and the cat r friends u clik the cat and say breed with... and the other cats name should be there if both cats except they will go into the pet/dog house and woohoo and then in a feww simdayz they should have kittens! its soooooo cute when the kittens/puppys apear!!
  5. Carmen
    get a kat basket make sure the sim has an good realationship with the cat, there needs to be two cats by the way. Then click on one of the cats and select try for kitten. OK?
  6. Guest14696135
    get a doghouse

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