how can you disable imapi in windows 7 professional

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I want to disable the IMAPI service in windows 7 professional. Can someone provide me information regarding my problem. I am looking for some quick response by someone for my problem.

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  1. Guest23300374

    Disabling of IMAPI doesn't exist in Windows 7 or Vista. The only thing you can do is disable burning from the shell through Group Policy. As for your error there are a few things you can try:
    1. See if there are any firmware upgrades for your burner
    2. Try to clean the burner.
    3. One person on the following post recommended downloading the following file, which he says fixed some problems that led to the error going away
    That all I know about it and I shared it with you but still if someone else knows a better solution for it he can share it. I have also asked this from many of my friends but they gave me the same answer, hope so that I have provided the right information for you.

  2. Duke


    There is no way to disable the shell integration of IMAPI for windows 7 professional. There is a group policy to disable burning from shell (both live file system and mastered, totally), this is “disable CD Burning” policy in Explorer Group Policy settings. So you can more disable IMAPI for windows 7.
    If you get any information about disabling of IMPAI for windows 7 professional please share it here. So that it might be helpful for others and they can use it in future.


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