how can i turn into a vampire?

by Guest17413  |  11 years, 2 month(s) ago

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help me turn into a vampire A.S.A.P!!

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  1. Guest28431057

    hi guys , i want turn into a vampire who can help me ?

  2. Guest28415386

    Hello everyone, am so happy writing this now.. i am now a real vampire with the help of Mr.Jiang s**+ Paul.. i was totally in need to become a vampire and i searched everywhere,i could not find someone who can help me to be a vampire until i met an old friend who is now also a vampire told me that Mr. Jiang s**+ Paul helped her to be one.. she gave me the contact information of Mr. Jiang s**+ Paul and i contacted him and told him i wanted to be a vampire,he asked me a few questions and asked me to do some few things and BOOM!!! i became a vampire when i woke up the next day, am so happy to tell you this, i want you to also contact Mr Jiang s**+ Paul now on this email now and you will also be happy like me, thanks for your time.

  3. Guest28163459
    i want to be a vampire
  4. Guest28150055
    •  if moonlight is technically sunlight then why doesnt it kill vampires?
  5. Guest28142684
    Hi my name is Kris. I was told that I was an vampire by a sykick. I do have a sweet taste for blood and pale skin and cover up everytime I go outside. Now, when I taste my own blood and its sweet iron blood its because I have been positive for a while, if it's bitter iron I've been negative. please and thank you P.S. I know the stereotypes in Hollywood with vampires so need to tell me. I like to get the true nature of things.
  6. Guest28036003

    i have 2 big teeth, i like the taste of blood, and i am fast, but I drink choco milk and croissant and the only think i carre is pus*y! :-D human right? heh!

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  8. Guest27871578

    Okay, so before all of you start thinking its all romantic or amazing to be a vampire and that you there will be never ending life and such let me just stop you there. being a vampire is NOT fun! to someone like me who was born this way it is not at all like the hollywood version of being a vampire.

    We dont live forever.

    We dont burst into flame from the smallest ray of sunlight. (Nor do we sparkle.)

    We dont sleep in coffins. (Some of us chose to because in all actuality they are super compfertable and help block out the bright light and loud noises)

    We dont fly, or turn into bats.

    Garlic doesnt bother us, its just a matter of personal prefrence.

    We arent afraid of crosses of holy water, but we do get offended when you try and throw holy water on us and scream die. thats just messed up, hardcore rude, and gets us all wet.

    And we arnt even technically excepted by society as a race because many still hold to the old ways and believe we are evil or believe we just dont exsist.

                                                   So okay heres REAL life for us.

    We are practically get no sleep what so ever. (Due to our natural insticts we would much rather sleep in the mornings till dusk, but many of us still have to live normal lives as students, go to work, or actully do things that are not avalible to us in the night like shopping or athletics.)

    We get sick ALOT if we dont have blood (its a bit like haveing the flu, you end up getting migranes, and your weaker than normal.)

    We do heal fast, if not alot faster, than normal people.

    We still consider ourselves human, and technically we still are.

    We have to wear sunglasses all the time in the day light or near floresant lights, because if we dont we get frequent migranes/headaches and the glare burns our eyes. (thats another reasion why night time is our best friend.)

    There is no romantic vampire moment like in books, our life has the same amount of problems as yours. if not more.

    Its a lonley existance because many of us start to push ourselves further from our friends and family, because we feel diffrent or start getting depressed from thinking the world would be better without us around. (i know from expirence...)

    We swich between being very social and extreemly anti-social. (Imagine it from our perspective... take all your teenage emotions or adult drama and multiply that by 100.)

    We dont have any cool powers, we do have skills we can learn to perfect but thats our natural way of defending ourselves. (many of us can sense or even feel other people's emotions to the point were it is overwelming and draining. We can sorta blend in with the crowd or not be noticed by people if you dont want to. Or some can manipulate energy -sangs can learn how or accidentally do it when we are really in need of kicking the edge off our hunger, but psi's are born with that quality-.)

    We do have amazing night vision skills. (another reasion why our eyes are so sensitve.)

    Being a vampire doesnt meen escaping your life or making you indistructable. It actully makes your life twice as hard as a normal person's life.

    We are not dead, or the undead. We are just alittle diffrent.

    Vampires are not evil. (you wouldnt think a person with canser is, we dont get a choice in what we are, we never asked to be this way, and we shouldnt be condemmed for something that is considered normal for many of us.)

    We do drink blood but we NEVER kill people to get it, we have close friends or partners that agree to help, only about an ounce or two is even needed to keep even the biggest vampire healthy for weeks, and they are ALWAYS tested for any known problems by a cerfefied professional who specialises in testing blood. (when you donate at Red cross for example they test to make sure your blood is healthy. vampires will have you do the same.)

    We dont all have fangs (most are blessed with them but others may end up having them capped if they happen to be chipped, or if they had them filed at a young age.)

    We are extreemly pale. (but it can verie depending on ethnicity Example: im native american and greek so im still pale but i have an olive hue to my skin tone.

    We dont burst into flames in sunlight, but we do where sun block -anything above 40- because after about 3-7 minutes in the sun light we do get a pretty bad sun burn. (but thanks to the over active healing it turns into a tan after a couple hours, and fades within a day or so.)

    We do have extreemly hightened senses, but many of us who use glasses still need them.

    Our eyes dont change color drastically. Only sometimes with our mood, but we almost always have an eye color no one can really label. (like random colors all mixed together, but that are still seprate from eachother. But all real vampires have a dark ring around the iris of their eye -it does start to fade when they havent had blood for a while, but it always is still there.- but dont be confused completely normal people can have this too but it is also always seen in our kind.)

    And Most Importantly we dont turn people. even if we wanted to many of us are not going to put someone we care about in danger cause almost everyone who trys to turn dies in the process, or is too weak to survive. few try an succeed, but then what? your wont even be half as strong, could get someone killed, expose us, or worst... so when people say that they can turn you if you meet up with them dont always believe it. many have a different motive and you can get yourself killed.

      -Dark Daughter

    if you have any questions or comments email me at:

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  10. Guest27827424

    i know you vampires out there here this from about a million people a day, So. im comeing right out with it i want to be one of you i want to live on forever i want to be one of the Strongest things in the world i have allways belived your kind was real ever sence i found out about you i allways belived your kind was out there all around the world. and i still belive today. no matter how many people told me your kind was not real i still belived. i still belive that the strongest things in the world is your kind so i ask you. please turn me into one of you. its not much to ask, its not hard to do, please it would be a dream come true if one of you vampires out there would be willing to find me and turn me into one of you, but even if you dont. i wont give up. i wont stop trying. till i am one of you. till the very last inch of my life i will try my hardest to become one of you, for now sence im not one i will carry on the hopes and dreams of mine to become one my Current name is Alexis, but when i become a vampire my name will change to Karin                 P.S. if one of you do find me you better be a real vampire cause if you arent and your there for a diffirent reason, I Am Ready To Fight.

  11. Guest27674880

    ineed help i dont have need for humanity any more there are some vamps in my vamp they were all born they shun me for being a sleeper they say im a sleeper cause im a human sanguinarian (blood drinker) please my thirst my crave is becoming unbarable i need to be turnned by a vampire ghoul or strigoiian who isnt born into it. i need the CRIMSON KISS now please. its my only cure and hope so i dont hurt my venusian love. if you can help me contact me at or kik me name iSeeTheDeadXII this isnt a scam these names were chosen by my friends and family. my name is Angel.

  12. Guest27529010

     Vampires are awsome and everyone knows it... Oh wait, except for the girl whom just had her throat ripped to shreds!

  13. Guest27182520

    please i want to be a vampire please turn me

  14. danyellebowman

    please email me at i will talk to you from there. and to Guest25047392
    your funny! for one i dont know you and two i dont know where you live or if you are one. also im probably half way around the world from you.

  15. danyellebowman

    i am doing a report and if you can fill me in contact me at

  16. Guest25290252

     come to my house and i will bite you

  17. Guest25047392

    how do people know you guys are real?

  18. Guest25021910

     i really want to become a vampire please email me at if you REALLY TRULY are a REAL vampire i really want to live forever or longer than everybody else i want to prove to people that i really am invinceable that no one can take advantage of me i have had a really hard life and i want this so bad so please email if that email doesnt work then heres another one

    My name is Savannah and i live in washington

  19. Guest25009872

    I'll tell you how if you email me my gmail address is my password is ktatr4238 so email me and we'll discuss this matter later

  20. Guest25009872

    if you really want to be turned my gmail address is and my password is ktatr4238 so email me and i'll edyou how to turn

  21. Guest25007916

    Is A VAMPIRE true?well...everything can be possiple if u just beliven!!!!thats what i been told but im sher there is one or more vampires out there but yah i think there r vampires and i think u can turn into 1 i wish that i can turn into 1 it would be amazing to suck blood and run so fast i would just bite people i hate so freakin bad:)


  22. Guest25007337

     Sorry ,chant this at the hours mentioned in my last post blood red , pale skin ,moonlight ,draw me in , quench my thirst ,coursing veins ,let my body feel no pain . Remember to chant this if you want to become a vampire at night at or between the hours of 10:00 and 12:00 but think of the consequences , it really works it is how I became a vampire and I am not kidding it might take a while but after you say it you will be a vampire it will just take a while to see the side effects (permanent) of the spell and soon you will be a full vampire . Remember to say this 10 times to 

    Enter the dark world of vampires ,also give out other true working , real spells so if you want one or more spells just tell me what kind and I can get for y you so contact me at and remember to put the subject down as free spells please so love u guys contact me for spells and ciao


  23. Guest25007337

     I can not help you know if you are a vampire but I can help you become one just recite this spell it really works so think about the consequences say this 10times at ten ,twelve or just at night between those hours

  24. Guest24997778

    the people who know how to turn into a vampire do u get the sharp teeth ? i want to turn but i want to interview a vampire first before i turn so yea my e-mail is plzzzzz talk to me i wanna know what is it like. have reasons to tell you why i wanna be one but i am going to tell you one. the reason why i wanna be one is so my class mate will stop bothering me and i wanna to get them back ok so yeah plzzzz talk to me how is it like being one. and one more thing if any vampires live in queens new york write me



    P.S i am 13 years old


  25. Guest24997778

    the people who know how to turn into a vampire do u get the sharp teeth ? i want to turn but i want to interview a vampire first before i turn so yea my e-mail is plzzzzz talk to me i wanna no what is it like


  26. Guest24993711

     The best way to be one is to get bitten by one, but i have another way. You have to repeat the words 10 times on a full moon night (10-12) "BLOOD RED, PALE SKIN, MOON LIGHT DRAW ME IN, QUENCH MY THIRST, COARSING VEINS, LET MY BODY FEEL NO PAIN". After that take a sleep and the next day when you wake up uoy will be a vampire

  27. Guest24965625

     I actually wanna know how many people really believe it and how many are playing along.

  28. Guest24957676

    How about all of you who want to be turned try living with that feeling for another 40 years and see how you feel.

  29. Guest24956412

     i want to be turned. i dont care if it hurts. pain will only last a bit. i need to start a new life. i live in maryland so hopefully someone can help me. email me i guess :/

  30. Guest24883097



  31. Guest24873412

    wow so many people who want to be vampire's , I don't think you understand what asking for. ever heared saying be careful what wish for. Thoe I am curious I wouldn't want to be one just curious about vampire's any way's you need work out own problems in your life now If can't then how can it be different when your a vampire if they exist at all and If don't you still be the way your are , personally they don't exist and if they did they would admit it or do anything to be discovered , because many people wher killed and staked in aniceint types ones wanted be vampire's and wicca's to where burned to the stake so there be a fear of being discovered and also rules for them like in human soicety there probably more humans and Only a few rare people who vampire's or witches etc any way if they existed , I don't belive in them but if they did thats what I think any ways.

  32. Guest24600881

    i want to be a vamp so bad id kill for it

    i swear i will snap any ones neck and love being dark and scary it would make me so happy. please email me. @ PLZZZZZZZZZZ do it I dont care about any one else. I need to be!



  33. Guest24443749

     My name is R Saroukos, I  live in Australia and I would like to ask some questions to a REAL vampire.

    If you are a real vampire, then I am very grateful but if you aren't then I will be disapointed because the answers I need, I desprately need.
    I am a writer, and I am creating a new generation of evil and my books are already going to be published, they are the new, better Twilight. I need to understand the ways of a real vampire, so if you are one perhaps you can help me out.
    Email me at
    P.S, if you are a real vampire, I swear that I will not reveal it.
  34. Sane pauckertic

    anybody who want to make vampire, it is easy but vampire as a pisatch who rusking blood other,

    it is not grow on born .

  35. Guest24011484

    how the h**l do you find a vampire i really really really want to be one so if anyne is willing to turn me into one my email is .

  36. Guest23805700

    vampires are real for them non believers. i myself am i vampire. i was born one. we vampires are not like the movies. we are our own person, some are bad and some are good. now because i grew up as the only living vampire in my family. its been hard figuring everything out. the others were killd i happend to servive. i would turn you but i never learnd how. i only take enough blood to servive. i am lookin for other vampires to talk to teach me what you kno. get ahold of me on my yahoo dangercc21.

  37. Guest23535433

    what asap

  38. Guest23517421

    If your a vamp and you live in PA come to Frackville and find me....

    Respond for conversation-rest will follow then...

  39. Guest23290300

    Everyone of you guys are stupid! Vampires don't exist!!!

  40. Guest23234551

    you are all stupid its not at all like in the f*****g sucks trust me it are all fake with no life..if u were a vamp u wish u were human and not like this....but if u care txt me 903 802 1523 jk dats not my # losers


  41. ZZ

     Since from the start of the nineteenth century there have been discussesions about how to become a Vampire and there had been some foolish answers as well. To clear the concept about Vampires you need to read the following information about he concept of vampires.

    Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence most commonly in the form of blood of living creatures, regardless of whether they are undead or a living person. Although vampiric entities have been recorded in many cultures and in spite of speculation by literary historian Brian Frost that the "belief in vampires and bloodsucking demons is as old as man himself", and may go back to "prehistoric times", the term vampire was not popularized until the early 18th century, after an influx of vampire superstition into Western Europe from areas where vampire legends were frequent, such as the Balkans and Eastern Europe, although local variants were also known by different names, such as vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania. This increased level of vampire superstition in Europe led to mass hysteria and in some cases resulted in corpses actually being staked and people being accused of vampirism.
    While even folkloric vampires of the Balkans and Eastern Europe had a wide range of appearance ranging from nearly human to bloated rotting corpses, it was the success of John Polidori's 1819 novella The Vampyre that established the archetype of charismatic and sophisticated vampire; it is arguably the most influential vampire work of the early 19th century, inspiring such works as Varney the Vampire and eventually Dracula.
    However, it is Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula that is remembered as the quintessential vampire novel and which provided the basis of modern vampire fiction. Dracula drew on earlier mythologies of werewolves and similar legendary demons and "was to voice the anxieties of an age", and the "fears of late Victorian patriarchy". The success of this book spawned a distinctive vampire genre, still popular in the 21st century, with books, films, video games, and television shows. The vampire is such a dominant figure in the horror genre that literary historian Susan Sellers places the current vampire myth in the "comparative safety of nightmare fantasy".
    So after reading all the above stated lines written it is very easy to  more then clear there is nothing real about vampires. It is just to create interest of audience towards the cinema and towards the films. It is just to create some sort of entertainment to the film or drama. So by no means or ways any one can convert into a Vampire. These 12345 codes are just to make fool. The people who ask such question should stick with this reality that no one can turn into a vampire. There is no way or no solution to this unreal fact. 
    The concept was just created to gather attention of people towards the entertainment industry and they had quite succeeded in spreading the things in such a way that now people had started asking such a questions.
  42. Guest23214473
    Guest19302 All you have to do is run a lot and sharpen your teeth.
  43. Guest23129814

    MAN I want to be a vamp but not till im 17 cause i at least wanna drive man email me at if u are a real vamp

    P.S. im only 13


  44. Guest23124828

    hi need someone to turn me into a vamp plzz turn my email is karynwestbrooks              

  45. Guest23095296

    hey guest 21128095 I was wondering if you could come to Oregon or somethin and change me cause one of my friends convinced me that i could become one but she cant do anything. so e-mail me (if you are a real vamp and not a online predator) at

    p.s. thats not my real name

  46. Miechel Still

     Its not good to be a vampire, you will be died soon by human beings. 

  47. Mitchel

    Vampires are just as mythical as are werewolves, in the 18th century the craze of vampires increased in Europe, as many novelists wrote novels around the theme of vampires. Humanbiengs cannot become vampires, as the  concept of vampires is completely fictional.

  48. Guest22863045

    READ URGENT ALL VAMPIRES PLEASE READ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please i need seone to turn me tis is not a prank or anything wrong it is my destiny to become i was told in a dream and i ned tobeturned to beone itis the truth please i need soeones hel to turn me and on the sidelines my fatherdied ayear ago m mother is really sick school isnt great my life just falling apart and i thinkits my caling plase if u can help email m at .

  49. Guest22779863

     that isnt a good thing.its very hard.yes in 17 you can know if you are.when your body get weak and you must drink blood!but it isnt a normal thing to do in society.and maybe a bad thing is that you cant sleep at im 17 and i dont happy for i am a one of their now.

  50. Guest22779863

     that isnt a good thing.its very hard.yes in 17 you can know if you are.when your body get weak and you must drink blood!but it isnt a normal thing to do in society.and maybe a bad thing is that you cant sleep at im 17 and i dont happy for i am a one of that now.

  51. Guest22774991

    Turning someone is easy. The hard part is controlling them after. It takes time.And yes, WE ARE IMMORTAL. 

  52. Guest22809128

    Watch The Vampire Diaries it's not the real thing but it, oh c**p. okey it makes the feeling worse, just to be honest.

  53. Guest22770522

    Look being a vampire isn't galm or fun it's painful and getting turned hurts i got turned at summer camp when I was 11 and i was so hard not to scream in pain, when his blood was going through mine to make the altrations needed to be one, and no vampire in their right minds would want to put that to someone. and you could be born that way but it doesn't show till you're about 17. and f**k no i will not turn you.


    and yes you need to drink blood

  54. Guest22724651

    there is no spell the only way is to be born a vampire or has been bitten by a vamp

  55. Guest22670389

    vampires are not immortal btw ! they just live much longer than humans and its not a thing that u can turn to ... they are like humans and they get laid with each others to get another vampire .... hv u eer heard that a vampire can turn to a human ...its such an impossible thing .... so there is no way to turn to a vampire ... got my point ?!! so forget that u can eer be turned to a vampire ut they are real .. and there are other creatures as well that are real but my point is that u can never turn to a one of them !

  56. Guest22603227

    Vampires really DO exist, contrary to popular belief. There are covens all over the world of people who practice this kind of stuff. They have fangs and everything learn <a href="">how to become a vampire</a> here:

  57. Guest22582197


  58. Guest22574365

    WOW u ppl are mental and vamps dnt sparkle cuz me and my sister are one and we cant tell u how or we'll be humans again and we are 11 btw. sorry freaks and we took a vamp pledge if u r a vamp u would no that theres a pledge.

  59. Guest22545682

    lolzz!the more i read this the more hilarious it gets!

  60. Guest22496101

    what happen if you already have fangs ( and long ones ) then what do you do ?

    im not joking i have fangs , and i can prov it !!


  61. Guest22482061

    well i want to be one.

  62. Guest22469740

    This is so stupid ! I love vampires to, but i'm not so f*****g desparered ! if you all really beliefs in vampire you know that non of you will become one and sure not  via internet duhh! this site and you desparered people is helping al cind of old and nesty people to get use of al you stupid people ! get over your self. All your life is beter than  other people! you all are shelfish!

  63. Guest22456832

    plz can someone turn me into a vampira today itself plz......

  64. Guest22453874

    I wanna be one 2!  Anybody want to change me?


  65. Guest22442817

    i need a vampire to turn me please i need it. tell me if any1 can turn me please guyss..


  66. Guest22396707

    You guys are stupid. theres no such thing as vampires and your probably all creeps who want to kidnap people. plus if there were such things as vampires your supposed to keep it a secret. MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Guest22394941

    all of you are so dumn you arent vampires and you can never become a vampire. your probably all creeps who want kidnap. plus vampires are supposed to be secret.

  68. Guest22394941

    all of you are so dumn you arent vampires and you can never become a vampire. your probably all creeps who want kidnap. plus vampires are supposed to be secret.

  69. Guest22366889

    im a vampire knaw.

  70. Guest22342056

    okay wtf why are all these ppl trying to turn themselves into vampires, get out of your house and get into a relationship or make some friends, this is some stupid s**t.

  71. Guest22330293

    Hi i am herbie i was turned by a woman in liverpool england in 1629 ,i am lost and lonely i need a person who i can spend the rest of time with. please help email me at

  72. Guest22270082

    my name is mia, im 15 and i want to become a vampire. i dont  fit in and i feel like maybe im not supposed to be this way. im willing to do anything if someone helps me. if any one can turn me, please email me at

  73. Guest22247681

    fpr ,every bady wanna become a vampiare email me in and i will surly help you but first i need to know why u wanna turn into a vampire and be attention wrong answer means no turning good luck one thing else all this answers are very very wrongs

  74. Guest22229383

     iam a vampire my girl friend turned me when will my gifts kick in hers kicked in after a year would it take that long for me or do i just need blood



  75. Guest22186505

     i'm a vamp i mixed my blood with a vamps blood and drank it and then he bit me...

    it really hurts but i needed it.

  76. Guest21940934

    I would love to be a vampire.I want to get rid of the memory of my dead dad who died when I was 5. I'm 12 now

  77. Guest21920800

    It is illegal in our worlds to change a human without approval of the vamp council. Being immortal isnt all it's out to be.  You lose all your friends and family, and your animal is choosen for you. Not everyone is a bat. Theres, crows, foxes, bats and lynxs. But once approval from the vamp council, then procdure can continue. There is only one posible way to transform to one of us, without being sucked dry. If you email me, I will tell you. If you live in Ontario Canada, I will do it personally.

  78. Guest21868722

    If you are a real 13 year old girl, be careful, you are too young and people may try to advantage you. Be careful, dont meet  with people ( or if they say they r vampires) you know form chat. Be careful

  79. Cassidy

    I am a thirteen year old girl who only wants to be a vampire. But not yet. I want to turn when i am twenty-three. If you want to know why, it is because i want to have that human life before i have my immortal life. My family thinks i am afraid of blood, but what they don't know that i long for blood. I know i cant just go bite someone and call myself a vampire but i want to be a true one. ONe that lives forever. One that is not fake. If you have any information just email me at and i will do my best to respond to you and get the information i need, Help me please. 

  80. Guest21855660

    can someone turn me into a vampire my email is

  81. Guest21855660

    can someone turn me into a vampire my email is

  82. Guest21855528

    im calling can you hear me? come find me bite me bleed me kill me turn me.with everyday of practice my aura becomes stronger. can you feel me calling? i would trade away everything to get the chance to become immortal in the darkness. I've been waiting to be taken into a better world.

    waiting for an answer: SC

  83. Guest21853097

    you excage blood with a vampire.......psr me hot


  84. Guest21753749

    I am a vampire, a younge one though. Only 11, but i was born with it, it runs through our family generations. It skips every 3 generations. I live in Ohio. I can turn you. Email me if you must... My name is Leah and i act like every other "Human" in public. my email is email me with questions or anything else i may be of your service with.


  85. Guest21714321

     i want to become a vampire, who are the vampire here ? this is my email (,if you are vampire please send me a message. can you turn me into vampire?

  86. Guest21139116
    hey Guest21128095 please turn me im Guest21029298 i said this 5 days ago 5 days ago(0)(0)Report i need to turn into a vampire if you are looking for a reason then here it is i have all these bad memories and emotions i hate them so bad they wont go away im trying to let them go if you think im an emo emotional person,guess what im not.... i just want to block them away and start a new life an immortal life, without these really bad emotions and memories if you need more email me on yours sincerely just call me shay.
  87. Guest21128095
    ok i am not lying! i am a thirteen year old vamp. my friend turned me without biting me because she is a special vampire. if you want me to turn you i can
  88. Guest21029298
    i need to turn into a vampire if you are looking for a reason then here it is i have all these bad memories and emotions i hate them so bad they wont go away im trying to let them go if you think im an emo emotional person,guess what im not.... i just want to block them away and start a new life an immortal life, without these really bad emotions and memories if you need more email me on yours sincerely just call me shay.
  89. Guest20858613
    guys im not lieing 2 u but i did this and it works go 2 the dentists say u want the 3 tooth in the front 2 be sharpened rasor sharp and then just suck pplz blood thats the only way so if u dont think then vampires arnt real.......
  90. Guest20622230
    I really hope no1 tries that post below....
  91. Guest20622230
    to turn into a vampire. You need to do 3 things: -Find a homeless guy, at midnight, bite his right ventricle -After that, you need to hide in a cave for 3 days, surviving off of "natures blood" (animals) -finally, you must mix blood and s***n together and inject it into your veins, then wait
  92. Guest20393230
    You can't, genius.
  93. Guest20228039
  94. Guest20188386
    Hello, I would really like to be a vampire as well in fact a lot of people want to be. I'm really confused about the whole vampire thing. Are they real or not. Part of me says no but, part of me says yes. I don't have an answer to your question and I'm not a vampire myself. I have seen Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse but, what if that's not the truth. What if there isn't vampires or maybe there is but, they're very different from what they say they are. I live a fair ways away from Toronto and I'm an average eleven year old girl but, what if I was a vampire and that hundreds of vampires surround us. There so many unsolved mysteries in the world that everyone wants to know but, only the lucky ones get to know them. Fate has already planned out your future you could be a vampire. I myself have no idea how to become a vampire and I believe that possibly you could become one by doing certain things. But, right now it remains a mystery to most people. I'm sure that most the people on here are lying that they are vampires but, there just might be someone who is one. P.S. I know everybody asks this but, if a REAL vampire is out there can you please transform me into a vampire. P.P.S. I hope this helped a bit!
  95. Guest20033286
    lol..i cant believe some actually asked this question...and people are answering!! that "thinks" they will turn into this YOU ARE FREAKING RETARDED!!!!! get a life and stop watching tv so much! physco!!!
  96. Guest20033286
    Everyone that "thinks" they will turn into this YOU ARE FREAKING RETARDED!!!!! get a life and stop watching tv so much! physco!!!
  97. Guest19746590
    I want to apologize for that last post, it was meant as good satirical fun, but perhaps the tone waxed a bit cruel. It is possible that the fellow who posted the post prior to it might be unhinged physchologically and I would hate to think that I might have contributed to any more mental harm to his well being. So to that poster, sorry chap, I was just joking.
  98. Guest19746480
    In reply to the Count(last poster): Too bad when you were turned into a vampire it didn't improve your illiteracy. I've got an idea, if your telepathic why not read someone's mind that understands the basic underlying structure of grammar and the english language. Or, at least use some of that amazing occult power you got from your bat/human blood mixed drink to grasp the unfathomable, fathoms deep intricacies of spellcheck, you delusional derelict of humanity!!!!!
  99. Guest19745719
    To Turn InTo A Vampire : Yuh Have to get The Bats blood minerals and The human blood minerals and Put them ToGther One cup ; ]n Drink It Thats what i did a few weeks Later some fangs where growing from mhy teether mY mom told meh go to a doctor i said No im Ok Later That Night i played a game of reading minds with my friends i read everyone Mind My eyes Changed i Thought something very good flowing throw my Veins My Eyes Turn Yellow My Friends Said Dude What are Yuh ? i said Nothing but i smiled i had a odor from my friends room Of Blood i felt it................................i sucked My friends Blood i didnt stop it was delicous i felt the goodness oing throw my mouth My Friend Toruned Vampire hes a mortal hes very stronger Than me im a young mortal hes a real mortal He very PowerFul
  100. Guest19738736
    Not to shoot holes in your theories guys but the modern "vampire" is an almagamation of many ancient myths all rolled into one by Bram Stoker and further added to by Hollywood. Do some research and you'll see that's it's true. "But I've seem them", you say or "I am one", well the human mind is real could at seeing things it wants to see, or supplementing reality with fantasy. Vampires do not exist, never have, never will. I love the subject but it's pure mythos, they are only real because we make them real.
  101. Guest19738666
    I don't know how to become a Vampire but I would give up anything to become one. This is something I know in my heart is the right path for me. If you are a REAL Vampire then email me at or text me at 918-508-8752. By the way, my name is Kristan.
  102. Guest19738666
    I don't know how to become a Vampire but I would give up anything to become one. This is something I know in my heart is the right path for me. If you are a REAL Vampire then email me at or text me at 918-508-8752. By the way, my name is Kristan.
  103. Guest19727518
    this is what my friend said about how can u become a vampire first u must get your blod in the glass. then put water in it. lastly drink it. or bite your neck. easy :)
  104. lonewolf99
    u are crazy,why would you want to turn intoa vampire you s**t ed go and suk ur mums fani
  105. Guest19513554
    to turn to a vampire go outside at anytime and SCREAM this " Take my Blood! make me one of you! i want to be a vampire! kill me, take my human life, i will be you and you will be me!!! kill me, and transform me! help me NOW!!!!!!!!! " hope u turn 2 a vampire, i did!!!
  106. Guest19318426
    how the h**l people can become vampires? i believe you can drink blood and have the lust but how can you prove, it's not like you burn when you are in the daylight uh?
  107. Guest19297935
    Humans cannot be turned into vampires. It is not possible. Unless the vampire wants you to be like them. And we, I mean, they do not sparkle like in twilight!
  108. Guest19185317
    I really need to be turned into a vampire quickly, because I, don't really belong with anybody, and I am willing to see my loved ones fade on as I move on. A couple months ago I saw a shadowed figure facing me, then I turned aroound to see if my friend saw what I did, and she did, then I turned back around, and he/she was gone. I only looked the other way for like a second..... Well, anyways. If you are truely a vampire, and you are willing to make 2 or 3 people vampires, 2 female,maybe 1 male. Then please, email me at My name is Jessie and the girl I was talking about who was with me was named Alyssa. And the guy I said maybe making him a vampire, his name is Roy, and I would leave that decision up to him,me and Alyssa have made up our minds already.
  109. Guest19182456
    u have to be bitten by a vampire... or u shud be geting physically in union with the vampire.. if the idea f getting pierced by a vampires fangs scare u, its easier to turn if u just hav s*x with them.. cos physical union n pleasure is how u turn.. if der is no pleasure and only union,then u die.. so just hav fun while u have s*x with them, mind you.. they r real good at bed.
  110. Guest19132446
    guys plz h**l me becoming one of them
  111. Guest18918341
    after reading this.... i'm very curouis it seems like u people are very axouis of being a vampire... trust me its not the life u want... u lose alot of pple who are close to u... im a pure bred vamp i wasnt born it but my brother waz...
  112. Guest18896250
  113. Guest18896250
  114. Guest18896250
    I don't know it,but I really want to be. I am a chinese girl.I don't china have vampires.So someone,can you help me?I'm weiting you.I don't want to be I want to be die,or to be 诅咒.Change me,please!My phone namber:15044683528. Please!
  115. Guest18870771
    i am a vampire and vampires dont have fangs, and they dont drink human blood. i am full blood vampire so i know how to turn into one. 1. when someone is bleeding get a sample. 2. when you get home go into a safe secure place and drink it. 3. wait 2 weeks and then you know what it fells like. 4. during the 2 weeks you will be able to do what they can do and you cant. 5. stay indoors as much as possible for as long as you can resist it (at least 4 weeks) and become really pale 6. eat rare rare steak or meat. 7. if you turn pink, you just turned into a vampire. if you didnt then start from number 5 and go on again.
  116. Guest18512399
    Find me, Kill me, Turn me.
  117. Guest18493245
    I dont know how peop;e turn into vampires all i kow is i want to become one. if anyone has some SERIOUS information on vampires and or how to become one please email me at im very interested in this topic and appreciate any help. thanx
  118. Guest18270363
    i am a vampire if you wont to no how it is quiet simple all you need to do is you need to cut your hand right across and then let the blood drops go into a glass of water and then eat garlic and say this wile your looking into a mirror vampiers from the3 earth of down under change me and i will not reveale our secret i am a vampire this will allways work they will probly kill me for telling you this but i am 300 years old so long.
  119. Guest18176958
    Exchange of human blood and vampire blood. Not just a little but a lot. The best place to, is to cut your veins.
  120. Guest17868742
    You can't just get bitten or get turned. Maybe vampires or fiction ormyths but who knows. You people that are saying you are one, please stop lieing ok because i you was, you wouldn't want anybody to know, or even be on the computer. Please get a life people or a job, because vampires are a mystery and there is no way any of us are going to solve it.
  121. Guest17717763
    ppl if u dont believe in vamps and these threads annoy they c**p out of u then 1)go away 2)just leave us alone; if we want 2 believe, then we can 3)let us hav our own fun 4)GO THE FRICK AWAY!!!!!! btw i believe in vamps2; i luv twilight and vampire diaries; i wanna b 1 2
  122. Guest17709477
    Quick question has anyone encountered a real one??
  123. Guest17514176
    READD A vampire is a mortal creature that has for some reason rejected its soul, expelling it from and giving control of its actions to the sensual body, the source of the reaction, the remnants of the soul, or a conglomerate of all three. While the most common way to become a vampire is to be initiated by another vampire, or to become a source via demon possession or disease, there are also some magical methods which can be used. vampires are born out of a fundamental change which can occur in the physical bodies of creatures which possess a soul. In most mortals the soul is the fundamental source for action, creating the original impulses which eventually become the person's acts. It is also a passage through which the creature can gain a small amount of the infinite power underlying the universe, power which is necessary for the functioning of a self conscious being. A vampire is born when a mortal creature undergoes a change which causes the sensual physical body to revolt against the soul, usually expelling it, and taking control of the creature. The actions of the being are then controlled by either the remaining physical brain, the remnant of the soul, whatever caused the expelling of the soul, or a conglomerate of these forces. It is this emphasis on the physical body to the exclusion of the soul, which causes many vampires to be obsessively sensual and addicted to their own suddenly intense perceptions. There are many things which can cause a creature to become a vampire. These include certain forms of intimate demonic possession, various viruses, the casting of spells to become a vampire, or mental disease. Each of these causes has its own peculiar nature, and can result in very different outcomes for the victim. The change into a vampire is almost always accompanied by physical changes in the creature's body. The most common of these is a removal of the ability to feel pain, and a fundamental change in their perception of the world. These are caused by the sudden lack of soul, which influences the way everything looks and feels. The immortality of the creature comes due to a perceptual change. The body in complete control of itself does not choose to harm itself with entropy, and so stops doing it. However it is the soul which provides a creature with true wisdom and this form of immortality almost always results in major psychological problems. While immortal, eventually almost all vampires end up committing suicide due to the pressure of their own thoughts. Changes such as an increase in strength, the ability to fly, psychic and telekinetic powers, and magic abilities are fueled by a power source which accompanies the transformation. As such these abilities are dependent on the amount of energy within the being, and will be increased or decreased by this factor. Energy is a major problem for vampires, who have to fuel a self conscious existence without the benefit of the soul's pathway to the infinite power source. If a demon initiates the change, then their inherent power will fuel the initial act. If the change occurs due to a mental problem, or a mental problem caused by a virus, then the remnants of the soul and the body itself will have to fuel the initial change. This often results in vampires of very low consciousness and power. Later energies have to come from another source, as even the initial power of a demon can not fuel a conscious being for long. This power is often gained through the drinking of the blood or souls of other self conscious creatures. Unfortunately the drinking of a soul, or soul blood, will only give a creature a limited amount of energy, requiring that the vampire repeat this act on a regular basis to survive. The need for energy can become an obsession in vampires, overwhelming any sense of control and self they may have once had. If the need becomes too great, it can utterly destroy whatever mind remains in the creature, turning them into a zombie. Some experiments have been done with plasma, as well as nuclear and subatomic energy sources as a way of fueling vampires. This technology is still in its infancy however, and most of the vampiric test subjects claim that these methods are still too weak to effectively sustain them. METHODS FOR BECOMING A Vampire Intimate infection from a demon: When a demon infects a mortal in such a way that they bind with the physical body of the creature, they can often pry the soul out of control of the body and permanently remove it. The power of the demon fuels the initial removal of the soul, as well as the first few hours of action. After this, most vampires will require the blood or soul of other conscious beings. Over time the demon will become more efficient at extracting the energy from these sources, and will require less. However initially, the need will be quite great. This method of infection can also be transmitted to other conscious beings through the sharing of blood. In this way the demon within the initial vampire can multiply itself. The power of the second vampire will be slightly less then its makers, however over time it will also increase. There is also some speculation that when the initial vampire is destroyed, if the demon is eradicated with it, that all of the vampires born of that demon will also be destroyed. These vampires tend to be the most powerful, and possess the strongest attributes. This is because the energy of the demon fuels the initial transformation, and the first few hours of existence. The demon also helps the body to become accustomed to its new existence, and can synthesize the souls or blood of other creatures, making it a useable source of energy. They also make it easier for the body to tap into telekinetic, psychic, and magical powers, as well as the new physical power within its body. Infection from a virus: Some viruses can cause a change in the body which destroys it in such a way that the soul fleas, but the physical brain retains some control over the creature's actions. Initially such beings will be extremely weak and may be mistaken for dead. However, if they gain a source of energy, and a way to synthesize it into something they can use, they may be able to cobble together a consciousness. Their energy source may be the blood or souls of humans, or might be some other form of magic or chemical energy. These vampires are marked by weakness, and a lack of consciousness. They are often compared to zombies, with the main difference being that vampires do not seam to degenerate after the initial change, while zombies are in a constant state of decline. Vampirism by mental disease - In rare cases a person's physical mind can become obsessed with the sensual body to such an extent that it begins to revolt against the creatures inner soul. This is usually a violent struggle, and can be very painful and difficult for the victim. As the soul is removed the creature begins to require alternate sources of energy to fuel its consciousness. In these scenarios, blood or souls are as likely as any other source to become the fuel, as the creature does not possess the ability to synthesize blood into a useable form. Some cases have been observed where vampires of this type become voracious eaters, others draw their energy from fire, and others use magical means to fuel themselves. Spells to become a vampire: There are many mystical methods which can be used to become a vampire. WEAKNESSES OF THE vampire The greatest weakness vampire's face is their need for energy, often in the form of blood. Since consuming the blood and souls of conscious beings is generally opposed by the conscious beings themselves, vampires have a constant enemy that they are intrinsically tied to. They can't live with their prey, but they can't live without them. If a vampire finds a way to synthesize enough energy to survive, they will usually develop a second problem. As a creature increases its ability to take energy from subtle existences such as life, they will become more sensitive to the energy in the world around them. Generally if the vampire becomes good enough at synthesizing energy from blood or souls to survive, they will also become so sensitive to energy that sources such as the sun and fire will be extremely harmful to them. This is why many traditional demon induced vampires, who enjoy instant acclimation to vampirism, also suffer from the inability to go out in daylight. However there can be a convergence point for some vampires where they become so good at synthesizing energy that their power increases faster then their bodies sensitive to light and heat, and they become impervious to them once again. NATURAL MAGIC vampireS Natural magic uses the actual reality of the world to create similar effects in dissimilar places. Using these principals to become a vampire requires a shamanistic approach. In this method ritual and concentration are combined to try and commune with the universe in such a way that you gain an understanding of how to affect the change you want. In the case of a vampire you are trying to eject the soul from the body, while finding a new and viable source of energy. This is a difficult thing to accomplish, and can take many months or years to accomplish. The rejection of ones soul from ones body by choice is theoretically impossible, so this method generally has to be preformed on others. The rituals used are very similar to those used to create a zombie, and often result in a creature with similar intelligence and lack of self will. The specific actions and thoughts necessary to perform this act are going to be very specific to your culture and particular mind set. As such the best way to learn this procedure is to do it, spending hours in concentration, and using rituals which are meaningful to you to gain a better understanding of the truths of the universe around you. Some methods you may want to try are rhythmic dancing, transcendental meditation, the use of spiritual journeys or fasts, and most important a dedication to being more aware of the nature of your own soul, in order to gain a better understanding of your relation to the spiritual world. The use of a teacher or shaman will greatly speed this process up, as they will be able to evaluate you from their own more enlightened position, and determine the methods that would work best for you individually. One thing to note is that when creating a vampire, it is not always necessary to infuse them with a need for blood. This illegal and dangerous habit is also very difficult to develop, as the synthesis of blood and or souls into life energy is very complex. It is often easier to create a vampire which is fueled by chemical or physical energy. MULTI-VERSE SPELLS FOR BECOMING A vampire In the multi-verse theory of magic, existence is composed of an infinite number of universes, within which every possibility exists. The hallmark of this method is the use of perceptual changes in yourself, to try and enter a universe in which your desired effect is true. The more unlikely an event, the more obscure the universe it exists in, and the harder it is to get there. Becoming a vampire with this method will require the use of deep meditation and or chanting. This process is necessary to change your own perceptions enough such that you actually begin to shift your physical being towards a universe in which you are a vampire. In using this method it is important to keep your mind open and to be ready to believe in the possibility of anything. This has to be balanced with your ability to perceive the reality of the dimension you are in at any given time. Just believing you are a vampire is not enough, you actually have to change the way your eyes see things, and the way and your mind understands them. As usual the methods which will work best are going to have to be individually tailored to your mind and situation. A teacher will help this greatly, because they will be able to evaluate you and make suggestions from a trained position relative to you. However, as you become more proficient at this method it may become difficult to remain in a dimension in which you know the teacher, and as such you may require several teachers over the course of your training. As far as the drinking of blood, there are many dimensions in which you are a vampire that doesn't require blood and has found a much easier method of taking in energy. As such you should try and steer yourself towards these specific dimensions. This is for your own safety and ease, as murder is not acceptable in almost any society. USE OF MAGICAL CREATURES OR ITEMS TO BECOME A vampire Sometimes force, or balance magic has been used to create an item which is very dense in energy and vampire consciousness. vampire consciousness simply refers to thoughts or ideas about vampires, or thoughts of vampires. When this combination exists in an item, it may be used by a willing creature to invoke vampirism in their own bodies. There may be a word of power which is uniquely tied into the item and activates it, however generally they are used by concentrating on your desire. Occasionally these items are even powerful enough to be used to turn others into vampires, although this generally requires the use of someone with an extremely powerful or trained will. There is also a theoretical possibility that a demon or spirit can give part of their power to a creature to allow them to change themselves into a vampire. This is different from regular demon induced vampirism in that the demon does not in whole become a part of the creature, but instead only a little bit of the demons power is used to initiate the reaction. This speculation has arisen because many demons have offered this power to humans and other creatures, in exchange for the use of the expelled soul. However in every reported case the demon has betrayed the person as soon as they agreed, taking not only their soul but their bodies and minds as well. Written By J.L.N. Lewitin, courtesy of
  124. Guest16972337
    It's not that hard. Just let a vamp cut or bite himself and sip his blood. the vamp souldn't think of anything, so he must be clear minded. if you're lucky you'll become one. if you're not, you'll stay human. Bepends on you'r bloodline, and if you become one, don\t ever tell anybody. And never drink blood, you don't need it, unless you get weak in a short time. Normally vamps who don\t drink blood will just die at the age of 90 till 100. (normal human age to die) if you will drink blood you might be able to become immortal. immortallity is NOT a vampyre thing.. so don't do that. questions? email at
  125. Guest16261221
    Idk, but if you find any one who will turn you, email me.
  126. Guest15784892
    i'm already a vampire i was born 1827
  127. Guest15628780
    The first thing you need to do is, rub ketchup all over your body but take off your clothes first get on your knees and say, oh dark one please suck my blood and please take my wearthless soul and make me your child of darkness and take me with you to your city of darkness. so try it!
  128. Guest15628780
    you cant if you do then you need serious help
  129. Guest15628780
    you cant if you think that you can then you need serious help.
  130. Guest15428116
    i dont know how to turn into a vampire can you help me turn into one please
  131. Guest15287888
    if you can turn me please email me at or even if you are a vampire just please email me
  132. Guest15276665
    i was bit had no idea til he wouldnt let go now i love it let them take a bite dont fight it
  133. Guest15260414
    esay esay it's esay there are 3 ways 1 u need to born as 1 or u get bite from 1 or spells(frist you need to take a candle and the u need a water and hiar and blood and light the candle)then say magic magic chant give me the power give me let me pleasse one of you shall he go inside me.)then u will become a vampire.
  134. Guest15188265
    theres akways a vampire or 2 at nightclubs so heres what you do. go to a nightclub and look for someone with fangs,pail skin,red or yellow or white eyes, then if you see one go to them and ask them very quietly are you a vampire and if they whisper yes very secretly then ask them to change you into one and why you want them too do that if they say no thats ok find anotherone in a difrent nightclub if they say yes then CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS your in! :P
  135. Guest15174375
    hey if your a vampire plz email me at plz i really need to be trun in to one i will tell you why in the email so any vampires out there that is reading this email me
  136. Guest15100028
    me and friend going to suck our own blood not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iam drinking cat blood to night muhmuhmuh
  137. Guest15083868
    How can i turn into a cat and a vampire . And i want to be a vampire.
  138. Guest15067387
  139. Guest15063550
    how would u know if u are a cat also how would know if u are a vampire answer that.
  140. Guest15052200
    I'm a vampire my self, i got transformed in the year 1926, I was 16, by my girlfriend's mom at a sleepover she told me every year i could turn any, from 10-100, age then on 1930 I decided to go back to when I was 10 years. Three years later my family found out that I wasn't aging then they said they'll send me to Venezuela if I didn't tell them what the h**l was up with me, so they found out and they locked me in the room supposedly for 8 years then 9 months later my family asked if they could be on and know in 2010 I'm 10, my mom is 38, my dad is 40, my brother is 10, I bit him late because you can't transform anybody under the age of 15.
  141. Guest15010411
    you realy cant become a vampire without being born a vampire. the only way is to get a witch to do it but of couse they r not real. Like me i was born a vampire so i can turn people into vampires. :)
  142. Guest14905050
    prove to me u are a vampire u big fat phony!!
  143. Guest14905050
    prove to me u are a vampire u big fat phony!!
  144. Guest14905050
    get edward cullen or stefan salavatore to bite you! who wouldn't want to get bitten by them.
  145. Guest14668262
    i so want to be a vamp how do i become one i need to no ASP
  146. Guest14530938
    dude it's practically impossible but if u really wanna, why not start drinking ur own blood then u will crave fr more. eventually, u will wanna drink blood but never do it, it's a disaster. i tried and i do drink my own blood when i get a cut but now, i wanna taste someone else's and trust me i got da teeth. the r like razer sharp. but if u wanna die, try. but it won't make u immortal but it will make u pain at all
  147. Guest14404546
  148. Guest14404546
    Get one of your weird friends to bite you really hard it has to hurt if u feel a tingle u r a vampire
  149. Guest14383263
    well i dont want to say a chant and how would you know yo were a vampire or not and how ould you control the blood cravings email me at
  150. Guest14071438
    i want to turn into a vampire but i dont want to go crazy and suck peoples blood and me to go kill people does any one know please help i want to control myself so i wont go around and killing people help
  151. Guest14054865
    i born in ukraine. in 1993 vampire kill me...
  152. Guest14024948
    how can i turn into a vampire
  153. Guest13980577
    how can i turn to a vampire
  154. Guest13979005
    go to florida orlando vampires will be waiting
  155. Guest13871103
    i am already one. on 12:00 pm (00.00 am) January the first, go outside and scream: "Vampire take me, Vampire kill me, But i will rise, as one of your kind. Give me the special gift, the gift of my life. That gift is (say the gift you want, for example:'mind reading' or 'see the future') Vampire take me, Vampire kill me, let me grow on a branch of your family tree" Say this one time on 12:00 pm (00:00 am) on January the first and you will become a bloodsucker.
  156. Guest13396911
    please help me turn me into a vampire i mean it
  157. Guest13396158
    you halft to get a vamp to bite you.
  158. Guest12200163
    first u have to go in quite room and say these words vampire me take a bite suck my blood and youll die for my life i hope you turned 2 a vampire i did and all those answers are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  159. Guest10293580
    You can't. Either you are born one, or you enter a certain disease that makes you crave blood. However, you can pretend to be a a vampire to freak out your friends!
  160. Guest759392
    you can get a bite or just petend that you one and slowly you will axsly become one
  161. Guest19301
    get a bite fro a vampire...ASAP

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