how can i convert pantone tcx to pantone tpx ?

by Guest14675124  |  8 years, 5 month(s) ago

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how can i convert pantone tcx to pantone tpx ?

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  1. Guest28080123

     17-3834 tpx convert to tcx

  2. Guest25026122

    I beg to differ. TPX are printed on paper, and TCX are printed on cotton. Thus the paper is dyed with a pigment and the Cotton is most likely dyed with Fiber Reactive dyes. The only light source that they even look close is under D65. I have been down this road way too many times. If you have a TPX and need a TCX there is no conversion spectrally they are two different dye stuffs. You may as well purchase the one you need, piece by piece, they are inexpensive.

  3. Guest20167840
    19-1762tcx convert into tpx
  4. Guest15204513
    no conversion needed , they both should be the same exact color. TPX represents paper form while TCX represents the cotton color version.

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