how can a 13 year male old c*m?

by Guest10517786  |  8 years, 9 month(s) ago

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im afraid to post this but i need help i cant c*m near my gf or alone can someone help me?




  1. Guest20300090
    just .. jack off dude but slow your role your only 13 why do you want to c*m near your girlfriend? wanna be a teen dad or something?
  2. Guest20017794
    just keep wanking :) maybe you havent reached puberty yet?
  3. Guest19388625
    Can't you just go to a p**n site and look for cute girls that can make you excited? If it doesn't make you excited... Then how about looking for "g*y p**n" sorry but I think that can help you.... :D
  4. Guest19388577
    go on , it will do u better

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