How to sell my friend art work?

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Thank-you for your time. I have a friend that has many art drawings that I feel should be in the market place. Could you please advise me on the best course of action to help him get his drawings out to the public. His work is really amazing and i do not want him to waste it any way. I am looking for some expert help over this. I have never done such kind of work so do not have real guide lines for this. Someone please give me some guidance over this. Thank-you in advance, Maryann

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    Hello Maryann,

    It depends where your artist friend larger communities there obviously are more venues. I would start with the local art association or arts council....also I assume your state has an arts group state wide that handles public funding of the arts...they usually publish a calendar of events and places to view art. Contact a local gallery if you have one....if not contact the local library to see if they sponsor exhibits of art work. Also check a magazine called Arts ....they have a listing for a call for artists..... Also check a magazine called gallery guide which also has a online version at You can see if there are galleries in your area that are attracted to drawings. And finally, you could try to sell on eBay......they have an extensive art section.....many artist sell works there. Good luck,

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