how can I find person who lend me money

by Guest23123002  |  9 years ago

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how can I find person who lend me money

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  1. Guest23917235

     i am sick and really i tried to find a job but many works in canada are heavy,my doctor does not care about my  medical problems i am on welfare ,my daughter is under pressure because fore rent  appartment and many things i can''''''t help her,  i have debt to the  bank i want to get driving licence but i have no money for that, now i need someone to lend me$4000 and  i can pay  only $100 a month without interestplease answer me

  2. ZZ

     Well in todays busy world you cannot find any single person who can help you with your problem.

    You need to focus on institutes that offer different loan to people from different walks of life.

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