how be be ready to move out by 18

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i'm gonna be 18 and i can't live in this house any more it's destroying me i have to move out and find a way to make money for everything college bills everything i don't want to be here any more i want to get out i'm trying to go to a art shcool that is really expensive but i can look at other colleges i just need to be something more than my mother she stayed at home tilll she was in her 30's got knocked up and raisied me alone and bitter i'm choking here i want to be stable and happy she wasn't around and i'm clueless on how to live adult life i have no one to guide plz help




  1. kate

    If you want to move out of your parents' house, then there are few Points to Ponder before moving out of your Parent's House: Don’t move unless, you encounter with some of tragic or unavoidable situations that forced you to move. Everyone likes independence and wants to control own destiny, as it is one of the ultimate expression of freedom.. Everybody dreamed of blazing our own trail at one time or another. You may have come to the final result that it is time to move out of your parents’ house and extend your wings a little. However, there are a several issues to consider before you make the final planning for moving. If you are planning to move out of your parents' house, you need to decide why you want to leave. If your job is bringing you away from home, or you are about to begin University, Leaving your parent's home is a one of big step regarding your own life, although it is natural for a young adult to move out from parents. You don't stop loving them, but you want your own space to make your own decisions for life. You must plane out your studies prospective and mode of earning before leaving.

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