hotmail problems today

by Guest11165992  |  5 years, 5 month(s) ago

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hotmail problems today, anyone else having hotmail problems today. I can't seem to log on?

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  1. Guest28148198

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  2. Guest28095655

    I've been getting kicked off all day. "IE has stopped working." At least we know it's not our machines. :)

  3. mkmalls23

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  4. Guest28088535

     So what's new...since change to really sucks!! Changing to gmail!!

  5. Guest28088534

    I been having the same problem today

  6. Guest28088516

    Why cant I get on my hot mail

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  8. Guest28073930

     Yes, impossible. Everything else works fine. Mind you its been like this for days now. Given Microsofts alleged abilities it pathetic.

  9. Guest28031372

     I've had problems since they changed the format, but today I have tried 4 different computer and have rebooted my DSL. No Cigar

  10. Guest27918111

    I use 2 accounts I also use both of them on my Iphone..... one account works fine on phone other does not. I can access both accounts on my computer.....  

  11. Guest27917619

    For the past two days there have been issues.

  12. Guest27901714

    same question

  13. Guest27893279

     If you have a smart phone you can access your emails in the correct way... I only tried today and noticed there was a servre issue :-)

  14. Guest27869899

    Been like it for several days now. Unable to log in.

  15. Guest27827136

    <p>I have been having problems for 2 days. I called a hotline number and got a chinese giy that wanted access to my PC. I hung up. I have gotten no help on line. The problem is getting worse.</p>

  16. Guest27827045

    May page does not completely load. All the data and icons are skewed to the left side of the page.

  17. Guest27726340

    Cant access hotmail at all.... What is the problem?

    The message under this box says get an alert when someone answers this question..... bit difficult if  i can sign into my email account!!


  18. Guest27673996

    every time i try to sign in the page appears asking me to submit a valid telephone number

  19. Guest27616357

    i can sign in to hotmail, but cannot access just spins! and a different looking page appears...

  20. Guest27554379

     I am the same way. I cannot receive, but I can mail.  I am also getting repeated "confirm your passoword" errors.  Anyone getting those?

  21. Guest27282083

    I can't recieve emails, however I can send emails, is there anyone else having a problem with getting their emails ?

  22. Guest27210408

    5/11/12  I can login to hotmail but can't open or send any emails. I can see my folders but can't open any of them either. I've tried logging out and back in. Tried system restore. Works ok on my phone but not my PC.

  23. Guest25024948

    13/03/2012 can't loin to hotmail

  24. mae mole

     You're not alone. I can't log-in at times. When I could, my message fails to send.

  25. Guest25007079

    I can't log on today 2-23-12

  26. Guest24988628

     I've had lots of problems recently.  I'll be in the middle of an email, then get the message that hotmail is not on line and to try later.  Guess we'll have to start using Yahoo or gmail.

  27. Guest24985291

     1/25/12 can't login

  28. Guest24958099

    My Hotmail account page is all over the place- I caannot do a thing with it? it does seem to come and go but my older computer lets me access my hotmail account- I have all the restore b its and checked for virus and still cannot use this new computer with windows 7  

  29. Guest24942931

    yes, once on, I'm told to close and sign in again after opening an email.  I tried to shut down and start all over but it still isn't working correctly.  Hotmail is acting totally wacky!

  30. Guest24938613

    I have tried to login from both my phone and computer neither work!


  31. Guest24830085

    I've not been able to log in since Tuesday morning

  32. Guest24662097

    I can't access my emails either, I just have the column on the left that says how many emails I have in my inbox etc etc but can't open anything or send anything. Anyone know what's happening ?

  33. Guest23807035

    i found a way to get around it. give me your user id and password and I will try it for you.

  34. Guest23612848

    <p>I cant access my account keeps asking for my password than goes to page has expired page you clowns are really getting bad, between this and the bullcrap email limits, looks like I'll be going to yahoo.</p>

  35. Guest23612848

    I cant access my account keeps asking for my password than goes to page has expired page you clowns are really getting bad, between this and the bullcrap email limits, looks like I'll be going to yahoo.

  36. Guest23234911

    hotmail sucks I'm using yahoo for now! I have been blocked from my hotmail account 3 times in less than a month! I'm sick of it!

  37. Guest23126276

    27/03/2011 No hotmail.  All problems started with breach of security

  38. Guest23100920


    no access to any of my hotmail accounts... what's going on msn????/

  39. Guest22936187

    yes me to facing same problem from couple of weeks

  40. Guest22875943

    I can't log into my hotmail and haven't been able to since last night!


  41. Guest22847646

    Could you guys give dates? Today is 08.03.2011 and the whole things seems to be f....d.

  42. Guest22741352

    hi-im able to send n receive emails from my 2 accounts, but neither will let me do 'attatchments' photos, or emoticons, ---usually when theres a problem, you get a message at the top of your account page, but not today.................................

  43. Guest22621987

     I can get into my inbox but can't open/send/delete messages. Anyone got the same problem?

  44. Guest22607357

    My hotmail has been strange all day, no one seems to recieve a email from me, and i cant recieve emails either, so havent got a clue if hotmail are just havin a few problems

  45. Guest22605936

    I will change to Gmail, I have been waiting 24 hours for Hotmailto send me a new password, when I go to customer services I get error, technical difficulties over and over. I could lose a job over this ..really naffed off!!

  46. Guest22530653

    I cannot access my account, but I can log in msn. My mum can! on the same computer.

  47. Guest22513848

    Today was the last straw. I'm done with Hotmail, they can keep their garbage email server.

  48. Guest22513848

    Hotmail sucks! Log on problems are becoming commonplace and are increasing in frequency.

  49. Guest22489468

    I cant access, but my 2 other coworkers can, and they can use messenger as well....

  50. Guest22481925

    they had a problem....msn thinks doing its maint stuff in mid day works for them...the rest of us that use it for work to bad......not the only game in town.....good by msn

  51. Guest22461609

    i can't go tosign in page too

  52. Guest22461500

     I have same problem, all info left column justified, can't access any folder except inbox, only sent one email today, marked as sent this morning, don't know if it's been received yet.

  53. Guest22461482

    my hotmail is not useable.  It's all in a single column left justified.  Can't seem to make it go back to the way it was.I signed on at 6:30am ET and now at 10:45am I'm dead in the water.  Maybe I'll find a better email service.

  54. Guest22372259

    I've also been having problems with my hotmail account.  I suggest, for those who are interested, to have your mail and contacts forwarded to a G-Mail or Yahoo account.  At least you can send and receive that way.  And maybe those "People" at hotmail will put more energy into fixing this problem as they begin to see their  client base evaporating.

  55. Guest21987563

     my  hotmail   web  totaly  laps  canot  open

  56. Guest21131711
    I keep getting "tried to many times with incorrect password or ID. It is now blocked temporarily. I need help resetting my email.
  57. Guest20538365
    my email adress is and i cannot receive emails from going on?
  58. Guest20100651
    why can't I get into hotmail - it has been over 1 week
  59. Guest20000188
    I am in Nairobi and have not managed to connect with hotmail since 4 am. I AM TOTALLY FED UP!!
  60. Guest19743799
    Have been trying for four days to get into my account. Have had same password for years, but told me it is not correct. Then, because I tried too many times, am locked out. TRIED resetting password, filled in all available information correctly, but get the message that the server is temporarily unavailable and try again later. FOUR days is LATER, isn't it?
  61. Guest19608424
    unable to log in. using correct username & PW. what is the problem ?? and how quickly can it be resolved??
  62. Guest19197865
    hotmail willnot accept my password. All my contacts are getting requests for money to be sent to me overseas
  63. Guest18673497
    I can't log in with my password into hotmail. I've had the same password for 10 years. Also it asks me for my location to reset password, but I can't remember where I was when I opened my hotmail account.
  64. Guest17556498
    If you are with Optus, they are having BIG problems with customers unable to receive messages from hotmail....and this has been happening for at least 4 days. Cant believe it is not fixed yet! I have an optus address and I cant access my hotmail either.
  65. Guest17546443
    Having problems sending messages using my hotmail account - they all keep coming back with error message "Delilvery status notification - message unable to be sent" from the Postmaster of hotmail.
  66. Guest17396870
    I'm not receiving any messages, but an being able to send out. Anyone know when this will be resolved?
  67. Guest17396419
    Hotmail is currently experiencing problems with accepting incoming mail from anyone. Its to my understanding that they are working to correct the problem. So we should be up and running soon.
  68. Guest17396395
    can't receive email but I can send email.
  69. Guest17396395
    can't receive email but I can send email.
  70. Guest17396344
    Not able to receive incoming messages on 2 Hotmail accounts today, 3/18/10. Have outing capabilities but nothing incoming. Can't even access the support page as it seems to be down. Sup?
  71. Guest16808841
    Can not access my Hotmail account for the past 6 hours. Is there a problem on your end.
  72. Guest16749073
    i cannot access my email account today. what is the problem ? Page not found or broken webpage.
  73. Guest15725949
  74. Guest15454367
    When I try to down load all attachments it will not work. I have to down load each individual attachment?
  75. Guest14723702
    i cannot access my email account today. is there a problem on your end?
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