How can I become a successful Horse rider?

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I am interested in riding horses, what are the tips for a good horse rider, how can I train myself for Horseriding.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Firstly you have to hire a professional expert for the training of horse riding. Apart from that you have to train yourself a little bit. You have to do some excercises to develop your body muscles.
    You will become a better rider if your leg muscles are as strong as they can be. This will assist in your balance and form.
    Work on riding at various gaits. Sit upright with your shoulders back, head up and eyes forward when trotting. Sit further back in the saddle seat when cantering. Practice the transition between gaits until you and the horse feel comfortable.
    Be aware of your surrounding so that you can navigate your horse in safe direction. It is necessary for both you and your horse safety.
    Another important point is if a Horse drops you off intentionally do get on immediately otherwise the horse will keep doing the same action so you need to control the action of you horse.

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