The personal life of Barry Manilow

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Did Barry get married? I am devoted Fanilow and have really not heard anything about this but the last few times I have seen him on television, he was wearing a ring which appeared to be a wedding band on his left hand? I appreciate your time and interest in answering this question for me! Thank You.

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  1. Guest28234072

     He recently got married to his manager, who is a man.


  2. Guest23291842

    Correction about the ring - that was his Grandpa Joe's ring.

  3. Harry

    The very straight forward answer to the question about Barry, that whether or not he is married is that no, he is not married. His one and only marriage was back in year 1964, when he went on to marry her school sweetheart, whose name was Susan Deixler. For some reasons, the marriage did not last long and after a period of just 18 months and few days, the lovely relationship of marriage ended up in a divorce. The couple did not have any kids but this incident proved to be so much emotionally shattering for Barry that he never re-married again. There have been news about his involvement in other women from time to time, but this never proved to be blossoming into marriage. He has lived for a long time with a lady known as Linda Allen and people thought that perhaps the couple will marry but this did not happen to their big surprise. Now talking about the ring, he wears the ring, once owned by his Mother, for sentimental reasons. He describes his left ring finger as his comfortable finger although he does wear rings on his right hand too.

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