My laptop starts up fine but when it gets to the log in screen it goes black just the mouse shows?

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There is a problem with my laptop when it gets to the log in screen it goes black nothing display at the screen just mouse.I want solution for this problem.

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  1. Misha

     There are many reasons why a laptop screen goes black, and most of these causes can be fixed easily If you find that your laptop screen goes black suddenly, then you must know that there are a number of possible reasons for this.

    The most obvious reason why the laptop screen goes black is a screensaver. This is a mode into which the computer progresses if it is left idle for a stipulated amount of time. In order to get the machine out of the screensaver mode all you need to do is move the computer mouse around a bit, or hit any random key on the keyboard.

    If a laptop is left idle for a long time, it sometimes slips into hibernate or standby mode automatically, in order to preserve power in the laptop battery. All you need to do in this case is press the power button and the laptop will switch back on.
    One of the more complicated reasons why laptop screen goes black is a crash. One solution for you is to play an audio file if the laptop screen goes black. If it does not play at all then something is wrong with the entire system, but if the audio file plays then it is just the laptop screen that is troubled. There are a few computer viruses that can cause this problem, but most antivirus programs can effectively deal with such a virus. Update your antivirus regularly and make sure you download all possible firmwares, and this sort of virus will be successfully thwarted

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