hey what up dawg my name is jessie murphy i am 15 and i love to sing i have been doing it for awhile

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i have been siging for awhile but i need help getting started i know you probley think this is a scame but it aint i wrote a song and it is called no life is good and i would really like if i got help call or text at 417-665-9083 see ya dawg peace

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  1. Guest13015436
    hey justin if your truley are reading this i can tell you from this point on it aint no scame I am 15 years old i live in Aurora MO i have shaggy blonde hair blue eyes and i am 5'9" i love to sing and been doing it for awhile but i dont know how to get started i wrote a song called no life is good but the background of it is understandable so if you see this message call or text me at 417-665-9083 and i would love to share it with you see ya dawg peace

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