hey joseph im a 10 year old s**y hot good kissing girl do u want to go out

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hey joseph im a 10 year old s**y hot good kissing girl do u want to go out

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  1. Guest28309055
    hi my Name is Everest and I need a gf my number is 678-908-0194
  2. Guest28125906

     i'm 10 as well so i would.



  3. Guest28091096

     Hey I'm Aidan I'm ten a good kisser and do u wanna go out

  4. Guest28043618

     i will go out with you call me 614 397 7021


  5. Guest28038599

     I wanna date u wats ur number


  6. Guest27558503

    girl i'm 11yrs old to i would want to date u 2

  7. Guest27308151
    im 14 and bored textme 678-591-7736
  8. Guest25005542

    I just want to go to this girls house and my parents just ignore when i want to go there dose anyone have tips so i can over there just afraid im going to have s*x!! or something but im not im 10 but id get in trouble if i did i just wouldn`t mind to have s*x but im not going to force her are anything!?!

  9. Guest24930910

    I' m named Joseph. im ten years old too. I am team captain on every sport. i was born on the tropical island of parents are wealthy.and i just want to f**k you so bad. 

  10. Guest24299412

    okk strange!!


  11. Guest24124036
    I'm 11 my number is 9567849765 hope you call call soon
  12. Guest23585275

     im 11 yes i need some one fast my number is 281 706 0040 

    come to facebook jonathan_maldonado10@yahoo.comand im ritch

  13. Guest23130712

     im 10 and wanna s*x with a hot babe can sum1

    {im good lookin}


  14. Guest22730843


  15. Guest22689636

    i need to fack a s*x amirican girl nowwwwwwww im live in egypt and im 14 years old plz fastttttt  


  16. Guest22628320

    yea im 11 and btw my name is joseph

  17. Guest22602682

    h**l ya im 13 i airsoft all the time im awesome at basketball i live by a beach in calafornia my parents are really wealthy and i would like to so ya


  18. Guest22482949


  19. Guest21255624
  20. Guest19871925
    do you ever anwser? i,m the one who said(yes i need a girl)
  21. Guest19871345
    yes my number is 573-338-1584 im12 were we going?
  22. Guest19871209
    yes i need a girl
  23. Guest19720571
    lol!!!! :P
  24. Guest19719411
  25. Guest19685899
    wow these ppl r crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
  26. Guest19612720
    r u guys serious?
  27. Guest17581314
    omg yes my cell is 985-722-5286 my email is and if you have a face book my name is jacob caraway
  28. Guest17533231
    h**l yea!!! 512-663-6567. sext me. im 13. i skateboard. i jst got sponcered by local skateshop. and im in 7th grade
  29. Amar
    ok ill go out babe and im 10 just like you so where are we gonna go?

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