hey im a 13 year old girl and im looking for a boyfriend you have to be cute

by isabel  |  10 years, 1 month(s) ago

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hey im a 13 year old girl and im looking for a boyfriend you have to be cute

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  1. Guest28434439

     Where do you live

  2. Guest28259482

    i am looking for a girl who wants to be in a relationship and must be in Portland 

  3. Guest28211769

     I'm thirteen i like sports and I'm single

  4. Guest28159936

    <p>&nbsp;Sup I'm a twelve year old and I'm looking for a girl who is fine and my number is 2295063245

  5. Guest28159936

     Sup I'm a twelve year old and I'm looking for a girl who is fine

  6. Guest28144300

    hey looking for a 13 yr old girl gotta be cute message me 8053942977

  7. Guest28119028

     looking for a girl that like to have s*x with a 14fourteen year old boy now or today email me at

  8. Guest28111909

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  9. Guest28111499

     My name is adam booker and I am looking for a girlfriend that is 16 and by the way I treat girls right my # 217-412-5606 I live in Decatur Illinois 

  10. Guest28103495
    630-631-4291 is my phone number I need a gf will always protect u I'm funny and I'm cool so yeah and my email is so contact me :)
  11. Guest28101020
    I'm looking for a girlfriend I think I'm cute well if any of u girls will be willing to call I live in aurora Illinois call me if u live here to 1630- 631-4291
  12. Guest28072560

    hi im 12 need a nice I like video games and I funny. I think. text me at 8065448148

  13. shane

     hey my name is shane and my number is 4129446530

  14. Guest28036488

     im a girl blonde hair need guy cute text 315-269-0040


  15. Guest27966357

    hey im 13 i live in vinita oklahoma im looking for a girl friend i like football going to the cross its not the real cross just a place to hang out for teens if your intrested maby we could meet this friday at 5:30 its just infront of carters food store so plz lets meet somtime

  16. Guest27944317

     hey im 13 i play basketball and football i like nice girls that dont judge im ing for a beautiful girl i ke blonde ls with a little black in their hair i live in vinita Oklahoma my number 19183236460

  17. Guest27898838

     Hey my names John Garrett 


  18. Guest27898570

    hello im actualy 11 but i look 14 blonde hair blue eyes 5,3 s**y as h**l white ,loving caring ,baseball player ,guiatr player,singer,basketball player willing to try anything live in northridge california

  19. Guest27889401

     i'm 16 and if you ever feel insecure i will always try to cheer you up. I am looking for a girlfriend my email is

  20. Guest27797066


  21. Guest27792043

    Hey im 13 and i NEED a girlfriend if your still single my email's and if u think im cute then i think you are cute...

  22. Guest27757773

    im a 13yearold boy lokkin for agf


  23. Guest27698396

     do you have a boyfriend now?  if not i'm avaliable and my name's ryan malloy live in texas i'm looking for a girlfriend.  and if you think i'm cute? than i think your cute.

  24. Guest27675063
    909-936-3983 14.:)
  25. Guest27492205

    marcos 773-678-4710


  26. Guest27461108
    will take a fourteen year old girl
  27. Guest27387972

    hey im 14 and i heard your looking for a bf im a fishing,swimming,videogame playing,caring loving guy looking for a girl who will do everything with me call me at #706-669-4319


  28. Guest25033765

    hey im cute and im looking for a girl could be the one

  29. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    Ok, I had a friend... Let's just say she is A. Well, she had a friend that asked a question like this one, and some guy answered, and they knew eachother for awhile.. when they wree gonna meet eachther, it wasn't pretty. She almost got kidnapped.. BUT I SAVED HER. SO I BELIEVE HALF OF Y'ALL ARE PEDOS!!!! AND OVER 50!!! SO SHUT UP AND GET A LIFE

  30. Guest25026483

    hello i am 13 nd single if you think im cute then tell me cuz i needs a nice girlfriend

  31. Guest25006354

    half these guys are over 40!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also you pathetic


  32. Guest25006215

    I am 13! I want pictures of you! My email is! I love you



  33. Guest24982567

     im 14 my email is

  34. Guest24981753


  35. dsflsduif

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  36. Guest24959128

    hey im a 13 yearold boy whos really nice and wants a nice girlfreind 2 and do u have a phone number


  37. Guest24896763

    hey im a boy look for girl si 13

  38. Guest24889208

    im 13 and looking for a girlfriend and you sound just right and im very cute everyone thinks im cute

  39. Guest24825249

    Can the relationship be secret? by my parents at least? Here is my email address:


    love you,


  40. Guest24543784

    I live at ebby ave 16


  41. Guest24365998

    im 13 to need girl in joburg

  42. Guest24286031

    do you have a boyfriend now?

  43. Guest24003766

    hey im am a 14 year old boy and im  a sweet guy txt me 423-650-8808

  44. Guest24001145

    im a 13 year old guy who enjoys video games martial arts and hanging out in the woods have to live in greenville s.c tho contact me at

  45. Guest23979720

     hi im 13 can i see a picture of u

  46. Guest23968987

    hey im lookin for a hot girl my name is sebastian and my number is 254-718-3325

  47. Guest23943926

    hey babe im 13 years old ppl call me cookie so it looks like u need a bf well i be waiting text me 903 275 2599;) 

  48. Guest23748207

    i am 13 and im a boy and i have face book my email is and im very cute


  49. Guest23725057

    hey im funny most of the time im 13 and im good looking  you want to know more about me my email is

  50. Guest23613529
    Hey I am 12 3/4 lol and I am a boy and I look like troy palomalu. Contact me at
  51. Guest23514853

    Im zach and im a very strong healthy farm boy in Arizona i am thirteen and fell like i am not .....worthy of having a girlfreind please consider contacting me at


  52. Guest23352348

    hey i want to go out with you, because all of my friends have a girl. and when we go to the movies i am always alone HELP.

  53. Guest23262537

    You're 13 and you have plenty of time to find a BF. Just find a friend and enjoy that. As a former Cop, I would advise you to not look for one on here. You will NOT find what you're looking for and it's far too dangerous to do so. Take it from me and my 35 years of experience. Enjoy your life. Be cool and stay loose. Give yourself a few more years. You have a lot of living to do. LIFE, is what it's all about. Don't become another statistic conned by sweet words, to do something you WILL forever regret. If you are lucky enough to live through it. Good Luck. "Bob the Cop".

  54. Guest23262122

    im qute...........?

  55. Guest23254439

    tower again.

  56. ZZ

      Boy friends cannot be made just like that. This is not the right way to choose a boyfriend. A boy friend is one who inspires you and there is some sort of feeling or forces that propels you to be in a relation. 

    The thing which is possible over here on maybenow is that you can have discussion with different people and then after some time when you start knowing about the real faces then you will be in a suitable place to make your boyfriend live.
    Ans here i would also like to say some thing else which is that it is not a proper age to select a boy friend. You are just a kid now just been in teenage recently and the proper time to be in such relation is when you pass through the teenage. Means 20 is the perfect age to be in such a relation when the mental level is quite matured and your thinking is well defined and path oriented. Rest it is up to you if you think that you can make such decisions at the age 13 then you are more then well come. Or you can start searching for one now and till the age of 20 there will be number of options with you.   
    So best of luck from my side.
  57. Guest23211328

    i know you are a nice persone oh and im turning thirteen im nice 2 people and i respect them.

  58. Guest23155033

    hey this is tower again srry also contact 3056130213 also i meant semi curly blond not semi blond srry. oh jeez wats wit me also i hav nevr had a gf i hav n rejectd 5 times already... im not sure if i can take another rejection. i at least want to no tht sum1 can giv back th love i have.

  59. Guest23155033

    hey this is tower again srry i 4got also contact 3056130213.

  60. Guest23155033

    hey same here 'cept im a guy lookin 4 a girl. im also 13, u hav 2 liv in miami tho n b cute, nice, n not mind if i hav 2 bend ovr if we get 2 th stage wer we kiss. (hopeful) im extremely tall already round 6 ft to 6 ft 2.  i have semi blond hair, blue eyes, and i need to get braces, wich i wil get soon enuf.  contact me via stumbleupon name tower.

  61. Guest22945258

    hello m cute boy looking 4 gf so u can contact me on

  62. Guest22895830

     im 13 and im a guy and looking for love.

  63. Guest22708663

    i'm 13and male..  at!!

  64. Guest22581278

     Send me a pic and ill send u one:

  65. Guest22431370

    hi im 13 year old male and looking for a girlfriend also 13 my email is

  66. Guest22376362

    im 13 and my number is 9168322136 plezzz call me only girls

  67. Guest21820864

    hey my name is alejandro olly for short my email is send a pic   and we can talk and i dont mean the in the bad way lol

  68. Guest21819633

    get a life hippie

  69. Guest21819366

    ur fat and ugly

  70. Guest21819614

     hey im 13, im a guy and i am desperate for a girlfriend, and i know this was posted a year ago but i wanted to know, just in case you hadn't found someone yet. just call me: 0422082382

  71. Guest21756708

    im 13 nd im looking for a bf dominican singel

  72. Guest20887887
    Umm I'm 13 I care bout girls I respect dem more Dan anything n I'm single currently most gwls call me cute n Yh I'll Neva go on dis site agen I think so Email me at if interested.
  73. Guest20149226
    PLZ CONTECT 7503079423 NISHANT SHARMA looking for gf
  74. Guest20149226
  75. Alex Pastukhov
    I am a nice jental guy I am 15 will you be mine
  76. Guest14484349
    im 12 i will email you a picture of me
  77. Guest14087100
    Hey, Add me Im 13 :D
  78. Guest13851596
    Call me 678-999-8212 Im DeAndre
  79. Guest13579535
    hey I'm a 13years old boy and I'm very cute. my email is

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