How I can use Herbicides safely?

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I have a beautiful garden but I have weeds problem, somebody suggest me to apply herbicides for this, now I want to know how I can use Herbicides safely?

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  1. kate

    Weeds are a misery to all gardeners. Herbicides are the chemicals that kill weeds .There are several things you need to know before you attempt to apply herbicides to your garden, the most important of which is that most herbicides can kill more than just weeds if applied incorrectly. You can use the mention method for the safe apply oh herbicides:
    In the first step test the sprayer before you use it, and then fill it with water, pump up the pressure and test to see that the nozzle is not plugged. Release the pressure by unscrewing the lid slightly.Then removes the lid. Leave the testing water in the tank and measure the amount of herbicide exactly and according to label directions. Add the herbicide to the water in the sprayer. Rinse the measuring device by adding more water to the tank to make up the balance. Now s***w on the top, being careful not to cross the threads. Tighten so that the pressure will not escape from the tank. Then pump the handle to increase the pressure inside the tank. Spray the weeds, making sure to cover both upper and lower sides of the leaves. There needs to be visible moisture on the leaves for the applied material to work. Spray out all of the material in the tank. Clean the empty tank and rinse the tank three separate times, spraying clean water through the nozzle each time.

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