help me to watch Breaking In Episode 1 online?

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well I'm finding a source that provide me Breaking In Episode 1 online. But i don't have any site that provide me this tv series online. can any one suggest me a good source that provide me this series episodes online.

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  1. cyrapaul

    edogo is the good site

  2. James Augustus

    Breaking In is a new upcoming American television series. It is broadcasted on Fox in 2011 as a midseason replacement. Christian Slater, Odette Annable, and Bret Harrison are starring in this half-hour workplace comedy. It started on April 6, 2011 at 9:30 pm.
    The series is about an eclectic team of twentysomething geniuses who work at a high tech security firm are given the task to break into computer security systems.
    In June 2010, the Fox network ordered two more scripts for the series Breaking In. The series was officially announced in November 2010 with a 7-episode order. Brilliant performance of Michael Rosenbaum in pilot episode forced the producers to add him in the main cast. . The other six remaining episodes’ filming originated in late February 2011 in Los Angeles.
    Cast of the series is:
    1. Bret Harrison as Cameron Price
    2. Alphonso McAuley as Cassius "Cash" Sparks
    3. Trevor Moore as Josh Armstrong
    4. Christian Slater as Oz
    5. Odette Annable as Melanie Garcia
    6. Michael Rosenbaum as Dutch, Melanie's boyfriend
    It is a must watch series. I am pretty sure that you will love to watch its every episode.
    There are many website which offer to download its episodes. Some of them are:

  3. Guest23195919 is a good site taht help you to watch tv show online with good sound quality and high picture resoluiton.

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