help me i cut myself

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when i cut myself, i avoid the major veins and arteries. in other words, i cut the proper way.. anyways, I hadi cut my arm bcuz im depressed 4 several reasons.. i started cutting yesterday night at 1:00 am and since the cut was small, i didnt have to worry about kids noticing at school... but if i cut more and more they will start noticing.. and idk how to stop and even though i dont deserve to die and be hted, i still cut myself

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  1. Guest25281558

    Hey itz da same girl that asked the question..&yepp, became a at school saw my cut, they were gossiping about it, and they were all STARIN' at me..

  2. Guest25087477

    Look. I read ur answer on the bottom and it is VERY DEPRESSING. & Yes, it is likely to become a rumor because now ppl from school are starting to worry about you and u caught their eye... If kids want to see your cut, show it to them. If you don't want to say/express why you cut yourself and they ask you why, just say in a very polite way that you aren't ready to let out the answer yet

  3. Reylon

     U do realize that each time u cut yourself your risking your life and suicide, right? Because veins and arteries are everywhere and some are soo small you don't see them. & I doubt you want to cut the proper way because you will have embarassing scars when your older and i'm sure u don't want that. So cutting isn't a way to solve your problems. Think about all the ppl it would affect.. WOW

  4. Guest25071527

    omg cutting urself really does hurt... especially on the arm..I know cuz I used to be a cutter...OWW! the only way to stop is to pray and get help from whoever supports you

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  6. Guest25065606

    omg like what ashton said I saw ur answer @ the bottom of the page.. u mustve cut urself really bad if u needed BANDAIDS! Look. U seriously need help from someone before u die

  7. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

     I just looked at your answer below and.. : O_o

    I think you should explain to me why your depressed and I can help you if you don't get help soon, you'll commit suicide and thats a big no-no

  8. Guest25064022

     I'm the same girl that asked the question... kids at school noticed my arm today.. ;( now I think its going to become a rumor and i don't want to say why i'm cutting myself.... just about an hour and a few minutes ago, I cut myself so bad that I had to put bandaids on..

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