help me IM 14 and im pregant!!!

by Carmen  |  11 years, 1 month(s) ago

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IM 3 months pregant and my mum and dad dont even know and the dad is 15!

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  1. ZZ

    Yes the best option wast to tell your parents because they are in that part of life where they can suggest you with the best answer which are needed by you. And I assume that you are already done with it.

  2. Roy♪
    tell your parents.Let them no.
  3. Guest12045054
    i'm sorry but there is nothin to do but tell your parents so they can help you. if you try and hurt it it may come out later deformed. if your parents they will love u know matter what u chose to keep it or not. and if the boyfriend is gonna be a loser about it f him them if he cant take care of his resposiblities u dont need him you'll find someone who will want to tale care of u and your child it might not happen soon but it will you just need to find him

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