How does Hair Dye damages hair?

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I have heard that hair dye is harmful for hair, can I use hair dye after sometime, What type of the color is most effected by the Hair Dye?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Hair dye is becoming more and more popular among women and most women want to change the color of their hair and for that reason hair dye is available easily, but there is a problem with hair dryer that sometimes it also destroys the hair color . There are different types of hair dye available permanent, semi-permanent and temporary, all the chemicals vary in types. Before going for dying hair there are some precautionary measures that we have to take to protect the skin, and also to refrain from getting it into eyelashes or eyebrows because it can cause blindness.
    There are some reports where Hair dyes have caused bad reactions in some people like redness, itchiness or irritated skin. It also causes burning, hair loss and extreme allergic reaction. Sometimes in rare cases it also causes facial swelling and labored breathing.
    The scientist have also proved the fact there can be an allergic reaction due to dye and a person can develop allergic reactions in later stages. There is another fact which shows that women have their hair straightened and colored too. Also keeping it on the hair for the long period of time can cause the hair to damage. This can cause the problem in breaking of shaft of hair.
    The dye will damage hair of all colors but mostly black hair get most effected by the dye.

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