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I saw a heist movie in the 70s about a guy stealing something using a lot of gadgets and cleverly taking a still photo of the room and put it in front of the CCTV camera as a disguise. It was quite an interesting and entertaining movie and I wish I could have some good piece of information about the movie title, so I can watch it again. Help me in this regard as I just forgot the name of the movie.

Do you have a clue? Please let me know if you have any information.


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  1. John


    I have watched the movie but have a very blur picture, and I cannot remember the original title of the movie. What you have told me sounds familiar, but I cannot come up with a title. I am sure that plot twist has been featured in a number of films (including the new version of Oceans 11). You know it is quite difficult to recall your memory you can still get your desired movie.

    However, I think you might have some luck if you posted your question on the Classic Movies Forum. Go to to access it. You will have to join to ask a question, but you only need an email address. Keep it simple and grab the information there. I wish I could help you more but as a matter of fact I can suggest you this link.

    Classic Movies

    Good luck 


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