have real madrid ever beaten barcelona 8-1 before

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have real madrid ever beaten barcelona 8-1 before

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    In February 1935 Real Madrid beat Barcelona by eight goals to two. That was the worst ever defeat to Barcelona It was Real Madrid home ground in which Sanudo scored four goals in 21, 35, 47 and 81th minute, Lazcano scored a hit-rick in 14, 42 and 73rd minute and Regueiro in 29th minute. From Barcelona Escola in 17th minute and Guzman in 68th minute scored a goal.
    The match was a league match and Real Madrid were in an outstanding form of game the same in which Barcelona are these days.
    In Copa del Rey matches Real Madrid has beaten Barcelona eleven goals to one that is also among those matches which both of these teams will never forget about the worst ever defeat to Barcelona by Real Madrid. This match was played in 1943. This rivalry is there since the start of nineteenth century and is still going on and on with the beat football players from around the globe and most of the players from the Spanish team in both sides these two teams can be counted as to the the best teams ever in the football game.

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