has anyone ever been walked in on by a woman while naked in the locker room?

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has anyone ever been walked in on by a woman while naked in the locker room?

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  1. Guest23567564

    Sort of twice.

    In the hospital like the guy above, and when I was showering at the pool. I had soap in my eyes when I heard a neighbor guy say hello, then I saw he had his 11 year old daughter standing right next to him.

  2. Guest23306740

    Sure, it happens.  Just isn't that big a deal.  I got over it.  I assume the cleaning lady got over it.  Neither of us suffered any long term side effects.  Life pretty well went on like it always had.

  3. Guest21187193
    Yes. When I was in the hospital once I noticed that nurses would enter right into a patient room without knocking even when the door was closed. So I took everything off and stood with my back to the door and pretended to be folding clothes and things. My nurse came in (I could hear) and quickly left. Thereafter whenever she spoke to me she would look down shyly, swaying back and forth.
  4. Guest20790101
    Yes,in the last 30 years of showering at different gyms. Several times by cleaning ladies, a couple of times I could tell the woman was not embarrassed and actually seemed to enjoy seeing me naked. On cleaning lady would try to look like a man by wearing a baseball cap and would walk into the supply room in the mens locker room where she would spy on the men changing clothes. Once I almost walked right into a cleaning lady coming around a corner, I was naked and I could tell she was truly embarrassed. She apologized several times as she was leaving the area. Another time I walked into the shower area and there was a cleaning lady scrubbing the showers, I was standing there naked and covered my groin but she was not bashful about getting a good look as she walked past me. I have to admit when I was younger I was embarrassed but if it happened today I wouldn't mind and probably enjoy it.

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