hard lump on goats neck

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hard lump on goats neck

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  1. Arslan Masaud
    hello There are many reasons for lumps. Of course the main thing many goat producers fear when they see any lump is that it is CLA (Caseous Lymphadentitis Abscess). I have diagrams and photos on my website ( the article is called 'CL in Goats Abscesses' and is found in the emergency section) that shows the most common placement for CLA Abscesses as well as places where other types of abscesses occur. It also could be a lump from a CDT injection. As I said- hard to tell exactly where this lump is without seeing the goat. A hard knot is commonly the product of the CDT vaccine injection and breeders give this in places where they feel the knot will not be a problem as it sometimes never really goes away completely. I would keep an eye on it and if it starts to get soft and lose the hair on it, it could be CL. I would call the breeder and ask if the herd is CLA tested free and or if they gave the CDT vaccine in the place you are observing the knot. It could also be that the goat got a sticker in that spot and it is getting infected (Pasteurella) . Your best bet is to contact the breeder and ask questions, then keep a tight eye on it. You mentioned that the goat is itching. Have you checked for lice? Lice are common this time of year on goats and while they may get on you temporarily, they will not stay on you like human head lice. A product called Ivomec Pour on is great for getting rid of lice on goats. It is used topically and dribbled down the spine from back of head to tail- using a syringe with no needle (the dose is 1cc/25lbs) and the process is to attempt to make the amount last as far down the backline as possible by dribble a bit move down dribble a bit move down etc until you make it all the way from the neck to the tailhead. Part the hair so it gets directly on the skin hope it helps

  2. Leonardo
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