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guardian angel...

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  1. zarnigar
    Though Ashis was born in an affluent family in Calcutta, the slums just across the street made him aware from an early age of appalling lack of access to medical care. People in these slums 'dropped dead like flies.' That decided his life's mission. While in his teens Ashis started a door-to-door collection drive, picking up medicines from neighbours and distributing them amongst those who couldn't afford them. His 'Medical Bank' began with 100 homes in 1980. Today his health service picks up medicine samples from over 500 doctors in the city and runs a free outdoor service with 25 doctors treating a hundred patients each day. The bank has 50 donors on its rolls, each of which bears the cost of treatment of one patient. It has also signed up 1,000 locals, each of whom buys a pair of spectacles for patients who need them. Ashis also organizes monthly health camps for slum and street children. Ashis' example shows that if you are concerned, you can show it!

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