Any information about Gregory Pecks relatives?

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Do you have any idea about Eddy Peck? Tell me about this soap star, is he really related to Gregory Peck? I have heard a lot but I am not sure about it. He certainly favors Gregory Pecks. Do you have anything to share?

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  1. John


    Gregory Peck has no connection with Eddy Peck. He is not his brother, neither has any other relationship with this guy. You know there comes a point when people start making different type of stories and affiliations with some famous celebrity. Same can see in the case of Gregory Peck. He was famous for its outstanding roles and appearances. He was one of the most famous artists of that time and considered to be the most popular film star of the 20th Century Fox studio. And as a matter of fact, once a person is famed, he becomes the victim of such type of rumors.

    The world famous Gregory had five children (none of them Eddie) and his oldest grandchild is not yet even a teenager. Gregory did have a brother, Donald Peck, but Eddie is not descended from him, either.

    Many thanks for writing. And I appreciate your curiosity about this famous Hollywood star. I hope I have answered you very well. But still if you have questions related to him, you can ask me again. I would love to answer your questions at your ease.

    I am always happy to be of you help.


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