details about green velvet thick painting on canvas

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please tell me this painting is original antique or not,thanks.

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  1. kate

    This is one of antique original oil Painting of Still Life of Floral Arrangement on Canvas. The actual Artwork measures 9" x 12" and with the Green Velvet like Matt and Heavy Wood Frame the total work measures 16 1/4" by 19 1/4". The frame is a solid wood with an embossed design of Grapes and Leaves covering the whole front. The corners are separating due to its age. The back wood has an aged patina and when scratched shows a lighter wood. This painting is signed by the artist, but it is difficult to decipher due to the script writing.
    The canvas appears to be made of linen and has the manufacturer’s numbers both on the linen and the stretcher frame which is: 347987 also in black charcoal are the initials presents on it. The back of the canvas has been crudely stapled to the stretcher and looks as if the previous owner may have done this as canvas was loose from the stretcher due to its age. There is a dark wash to the whole painting to create the aged look which was done in the early years of painting. There are no scratches but there are two small indentations to the face of the painting towards the middle of the right side that are parallel and one is 1/4" long and the other is about 1/2" long, but not very discernable unless you hold at an angle to allow the light to catch it.

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